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The latest news and info from Dawn Elizabeth

Veronica and Nick

Being from New Jersey, Veronica and Nick wanted the beauty of the shore but not the beach.  We chose an off beat location that had the feel of the ocean and beach complete with a pier.

Now I get to celebrate their wedding with them tomorrow!

Nick and Veronica 2

Nick and Veronica 1

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I love it when the leaves turn green to gold, orange, and red. The fall colors were in full swing for Katelyn's Confirmation portraits.  The colors brought out her complexion and dress to create stunning combinations. There wasn't one bad photograph.

IMG_8630 rtIMG_8672 rtIMG_0084 rt IMG_0093 rt IMG_8688 rt
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Queen of Hearts Board Members

IMG_9173 rt2

When Marjorie from Queen of Hearts Foundation of New Jersey asked me if I could take head shots of their board members for their website, I immediately agreed.


IMG_9152 rt IMG_9146 rtIMG_9135 rtIMG_9126 rtIMG_9121 rtIMG_9116 rtIMG_9108 rtIMG_9100 rtIMG_9096 rtIMG_9087 rtIMG_9084 rt

Queen of Hearts fundraises to help those suffering from cancer or awaiting or recovering from transplants.   Visit their website! www.njqueenofhearts.org  Their next fundraising event is March 15th, their annual Dinner/Dance held at Lucien's Manor in Berlin, NJ.
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A Boudoir Post in Time for Valentine's Day

Kayti is a stunningly beautiful Illinois native who can't seem to stay away from Jersey.  And Jersey is glad!

IMG_9113 rtIMG_9166 rtIMG_9055 rtIMG_9376 rt

Her radiant personality showed thru in every photograph I took. She just couldn't stop smiling!

She had her boudoir shoot done at a club where she used to work. It had some awesome lighting and unique decor.

IMG_9391 rt IMG_9384 rt IMG_9098 rtIMG_9081 rt IMG_9065 rt 2 IMG_9059 rt blog2

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A rising model

Tyler, a high school senior, is an aspiring model who needed to create his portfolio.  We were so happy to be the first to photograph this talented teen.  His first session was a studio shoot.  We look forward to doing another shoot which will be on location, probably at one of the shore points.

IMG_7680 rt b

Take a good look at these, he's going to be the next model for Abercrombie, or GQ! ;)

IMG_7318 blog2IMG_7737 rt bIMG_7511 rt bIMG_7459 rt bw crop  b

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Flyers Gymnasts

We are so excited to have photographed the Flyers Gymnasts portraits once again this year.  These girls and guys are so talented!

IMG_7005 rt b

Photographing sports, dance, and gymnastics photos are a nice change for us.  We hope you enjoy the portraits as well.

IMG_6940 2 rtIMG_6990 2 rt bIMG_6985 2 rt b
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Fashion Show

Aztec Salon of Hammonton, NJ did a fantastic job on the hair and makeup of some of the models for the recent Fashion Show held at Keri Brook Caterers.

I was lucky enough to be able to photograph the work of these talented hair stylists!  They make me want to go somewhere fancy, just to get my hair done.

IMG_8630 rt blog2IMG_8700 rt blog2IMG_8784 2 rt blog2

IMG_8798 2 rtIMG_8810 2 rt blog2IMG_8513 rt blog2IMG_8505 rt blog2

Call Aztec for your appointment! 609-567-0099

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Eastern State Penn Model

Photographing models in unlikely places is one of my favorite things.  I get to come up with some different ideas and create amazing images.

This model was photographed in the Eastern State Penitentiary.

IMG_1613 blog2IMG_1614 blog2

IMG_1642 rt blog2IMG_1798 rt bog

IMG_1634 rt bllog

IMG_1678 rt blog2

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Suds 'N' Cuts

We all know that Christmas is an important time of year.  It is the season to have your children/family/or pets photographed for cards and gifts.

Pet Portrait Days at Suds 'N' Cuts occurs at least twice a year.  One of those times was just before Christmas.  All the puppies looked adorable in their holiday best!

Don't miss out, Pet Portraits Days coming again in the Spring!

IMG_5572 rtIMG_5630 rt

IMG_5621 rtIMG_5711 rt
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High School Seniors

Meet Cody.

IMG_9190 rt blog2

He is our newest High School Senior Ambassador.  Such talent and accompanied by the nicest personality!

IMG_9249 rt blog2IMG_9219 rt blog2

IMG_9193 rt blog2

It's after Christmas and you still haven't gotten your Senior pictures taken. Never fear, we can help!

While you may still need to get your yearbook photo taken by the school photographer, you are now allowed to have your senior portraits taken by the photographer of your choice!


I love photographing senior sessions.  While you may not be a professional model, we try to treat you as such, and have a lot more fun.  :)

While you may still need to get your yearbook photo taken by the school photographer, you are now allowed to have your senior portraits taken by the photographer of your choice!

We love photographing senior sessions.  While you may not be a professional model, we try to treat you as such, and have a lot more fun.  :)

Call and schedule your appointment today. 609-561-5322.

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You might recognize him from other Martial Arts photographs I've done.  He is amazing.

IMG_9232 rt

A junior in high school, he is my High School Ambassador and is very photogenic.  We chose to do his portraits outside and found some great additional props, and some tall grass that I think added to the whole outdoor portrait experience.  And of course we did some additional Martial Arts photographs.

IMG_9193 rtIMG_9254 rt

This is one reason I love doing High School Seniors' portraits, it's very individual for the person and can be as artistic and different as the imagination leads.
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Family portrait in PA

Once we got to the location in PA and drove around a bit, we found a location that would be unmistakably the best location for the family portrait.  Large weeping willows, lush greenery, a little pond, a bridge, a bench, and other trees.  In between the rain drops, we started the shoot off with a gorgeous family portrait that included everyone.  By the time we were finishing up the smaller groups and individual family shots the rain had stopped, the sun had come out, and it was warm!

IMG_2472 rt

IMG_8050 rt bIMG_2625 rt

IMG_2679 rt
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Engagement on the water

Congratulations on their engagement to Gaetan and Kalynn.

IMG_7814 2 rt blog2

We had wonderful weather for their engagement session on the water in Sweetwater, NJ. These photographs speak for themselves; you can't get better color and light than this.

IMG_7815 rt blog2


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Congratulations Monica and Rigoberto!

It was a sweet backyard BBQ Wedding. So intimate and wonderful.  I love these. Closest friends and family share in the intimate joy and love between the bride and groom.  Delicious food. Beautiful weather. Great company. A loving couple. A recipe for a wonderful day and wedding.  A photographer really can't ask for anything more!

IMG_9678 rt blog2IMG_9735 rt blog2

IMG_9916 rt blog2IMG_9883 rt blog2

IMG_9910 rt blog2

IMG_2253rt bw blog2

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Aspiring Model :)

This little girl is only 8 years old and has been dancing since she was 3!  As you can see from her photographs she is a very fun and photogenic young lady.  No wonder she is an aspiring model.  We did the photo session in Batsto; a historic village right next to the Wharton State Forrest.  For this shoot we stayed in the village so that we could use all the wonderful textures of the old buildings.

It was a beautiful evening and we got some great photographs!

IMG_2189 artistic blog2IMG_2197 rt bw blog2IMG_9589 rt blog2IMG_2167 rt blog2

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Smile Creations Crafts ...Alia

The second model for the Smile Creations Crafts shoot was Alia.  She also modeled beautifully hand knit items.  Smile Creations Crafts offers a wide range of hand knit items. You saw some in a previous blog2 I posted.  You can view Smile Creations Crafts' blog2 and follow the business on Facebook. http://smilecreationscrafts.blog2spot.com/ or on Facebook...@SmileCreationsCrafts.

IMG_8776 rt blog2IMG_9320 rt blog2IMG_9348 rt blog2

IMG_9353 rt blog2

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Art and Love

We were surrounded by art this wonderful warm night.  Architecture... we shot this awesome couple at the Waterworks in Philadelphia with the Art Musuem in the near distance.  Love is definitely in the air with these two.  They were so fun and one could tell they are into each other.  So with the beautiful columns of the waterworks and one of the rivers flowing through Philadelphia in the background we spent almost a full two hours documenting the love between Elise and Robert.

IMG_6921 rt blog2IMG_6931 rt cropped blog2

We cannot wait for their wedding in August!

IMG_6987 rt blog2

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A wonderful Happy Birthday to this very special girl. She turned 15 this year! The party was like no other, with an Alice in Wonderland theme.  It can't get any better than having the Cheschire Cat on your Birthday Cake.

IMG_9104 rt blog2

We had a private portrait session several weeks prior to the Quinceanera, so some of the photographs are from that as well as from the party.

IMG_0959 rt blog2


IMG_2095rt wn blog2


IMG_0863 rt 11x14 blog2IMG_0792 rt 11x14 b log

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Smile Creations Crafts

Just look at these knitted items. They are finely handcrafted by my sister for her business, Smile Creations Crafts.  And who better to model them, than the absolutely adorable, Sofia.

IMG_8471 2rt blog2


IMG_8624rt blog2


IMG_8564 2rt blog2


Smile Creations Crafts is a business that sells knit items.  It was established in 2007 by Patience, my sister, who started out knitting as a hobby while working in Philadelphia.  Now, it is knit one, pearl two, don't drop a stitch, frogging, yummy yarns, fabulous colors, and complicated (by my standards) patterns.

The business started out as finely handcrafted items which included a myriad of different. Some of these items included, jewelry, macramé, needlepoint, and of course knit.  Patience has made a big jump and decided that her real love in this venture is yarn.  She both knits and crochets.  She offers ready made items, custom made items, and items for consignment.

When Patience asked me to create a slideshow so that she can better streamline her presentations for homeshows, I was trilled to help.  Wanting a professional in depth product she asked me to first photograph a sampling of the items she makes.

Several unique items did not require a model.  Some being the "Love Mites," the pumpkins, Market Bags*, and washcloths*, as well as some accessories*. (*= pictured below)

IMG_8868rt blog2IMG_8829rt blog2IMG_8852rt blog2

Then of course the clothing items require models.  For the first session, we had Sofia and Luisa.  A beautiful mother and daughter.

Sofia was a great joy to photograph.  She hasn't even turned two yet and sat in front of the camera for two hours!

IMG_8713rt blog2

We had a few hat and scarf sets for Luisa to model.

IMG_8770 rt blog2

And finally we had to get at least 1 with both!

IMG_8739 rt blog2

There is one more session on the way with more knitted items from Smile Creations Crafts.  Be on the lookout for Alia.

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Assumption Parish First Holy Communion

I should have posted this quite some time ago. I wanted to say Congratulations to the First Holy Communicants of Assumption Parish! You all looked adorable and had a beautiful day for this special occasion.

First Communion, being such a memorable time in a child's life, makes taking the photographs for the event an honor.  Not only did we take the photographs while the children actually received Communion, but we also were asked to photograph some family portraits.

IMG_2682 rt blog2IMG_2778 rt blog2

IMG_3290rt blog2IMG_3004rt blog2IMG_2498rt blog2

IMG_2827rt blog2IMG_3066rt blog2

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