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Veronica and Nick

Being from New Jersey, Veronica and Nick wanted the beauty of the shore but not the beach.  We chose an off beat location that had the feel of the ocean and beach complete with a pier.

Now I get to celebrate their wedding with them tomorrow!

Nick and Veronica 2

Nick and Veronica 1

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Kayti at the Ventnor Beach


IMG_9373 rt

We had so much fun at the beach. Who can resist a cutie pup like Oscar. The weather was warm and the water wasn't too bad either.

IMG_9321 2 rtIMG_9308 rtIMG_9257 rtIMG_9234 rt IMG_9246 rt IMG_9418 rtIMG_9294 rt crop IMG_9312 rt IMG_9343 2 rt IMG_9358 rt IMG_9448 rt IMG_9474 rt IMG_9511 rt IMG_9619 rt IMG_9725 rt crop
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Flyers Gymnasts on the Beach

I really wanted to take these very talented girls out of the gym and photograph their talent in nature.  Since we are a shore lined state we chose the Jersey Shore.

IMG_6806 rtIMG_6415 rt

We took four of the Flyer's Youth Fitness & Fun Medal winners to the shore one evening and photographed them doing what they do best. I hope you enjoy their talent as much as I do.

They are the most talented ladies I have ever met!

IMG_6849 rtIMG_6549 rtIMG_6447 rtIMG_6493 rtIMG_6769 rtIMG_6476 rtIMG_6715 rt

And we had to have a little modeling fun at the end...

IMG_6994 rt
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Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!!!

IMG_2819-2 fb

Since we had a particularly chilly and snowy winter, I thought it to be appropriate to say goodbye to winter in style. This is the first year in my almost 10 years of photography that I had the pleasure of photographing a few weddings and a few engagement sessions in the snow! The only other time I have photographed portraits in the snow was a family photograph of my own family years ago. I had so much fun and the couples were amazing and so willing to walk and even play in the snow for the sake of some epic photographs!  And the first photograph is one I took at Longwood Gardens prior to one of the snowy engagement sessions.

IMG_2885 fb IMG_2914 fb IMG_2925 fb IMG_2971 fb IMG_3040 fb IMG_3110 rt fb

8346045 0280 fb 8346045 0328 fb 8346045 0343

I am looking forward to a fantastic 2014 wedding season South Jersey and Philadelphia!
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I love it when the leaves turn green to gold, orange, and red. The fall colors were in full swing for Katelyn's Confirmation portraits.  The colors brought out her complexion and dress to create stunning combinations. There wasn't one bad photograph.

IMG_8630 rtIMG_8672 rtIMG_0084 rt IMG_0093 rt IMG_8688 rt
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A Family Portrait at Batsto

IMG_8974 rt crop

Family photographs at Batsto are so much fun. There are plenty of options ranging from the historic village to the trails which are wondrous and the lake and other small rivers and ponds.

IMG_9039 rtIMG_9054 rtIMG_8982 rt cropIMG_9002 rtIMG_9014 rtIMG_8947 rt

This particular day was rather chilly. Although they were cold, no one looked cold at all.

IMG_8953 rtIMG_9050 rtIMG_9090 rt crop
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Engagement Portrait in Old City

b IMG_4335 2 rtb IMG_4297 2 rtb IMG_4443 blog2 b IMG_4435 rt b IMG_4409 rt b IMG_4329 rt b IMG_4320 2 rtb IMG_4417 rt

Shot for George Street.

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Janice and Matt EP

b IMG_4825 rt b IMG_4821 rt b IMG_4671 rt b IMG_4599 rt b IMG_4580 rt b IMG_4580 rt croppedb IMG_4664 rt

Shot for George Street.
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Valley Forge National Park, Take One and Two!

I had two Engagement Portraits in one day at the Valley Forge National Park. It was the first time I had ever been there. It is absolutely gorgeous!  I couldn't have asked for a nicer day, better couples, or more amazing scenery!

Take One: Jenny and Mike

b IMG_6190 rt b IMG_6123 rt b IMG_6119 rt b IMG_6089 rt b IMG_6211 rt


Take Two: Meghan and Brad

b IMG_5767 rtb IMG_5969 rt b IMG_5959 rtb IMG_5815

b IMG_5965 rtb IMG_5938 rt b IMG_5907 rt b IMG_5885 rt b IMG_5872 b IMG_5858 b IMG_5833 b IMG_5773b IMG_5991 rt

Shot for George Street.
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Christine and Kevin: Getting to Know You

What a great family.  We were privelidged enough to photograph their daughter and dog as well.

Their Engagement Session was so much fun.  I love it when couples pick unique different locations.  Christine and Kevin picked Gardner's Basin in Atlantic City.  Such a beautiful and varied location, we had boats, water, rocks, grass, and trees.

Stay tuned for their wedding images!!
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Eastern State Penn Model

Photographing models in unlikely places is one of my favorite things.  I get to come up with some different ideas and create amazing images.

This model was photographed in the Eastern State Penitentiary.

IMG_1613 blog2IMG_1614 blog2

IMG_1642 rt blog2IMG_1798 rt bog

IMG_1634 rt bllog

IMG_1678 rt blog2

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High School Seniors

Meet Cody.

IMG_9190 rt blog2

He is our newest High School Senior Ambassador.  Such talent and accompanied by the nicest personality!

IMG_9249 rt blog2IMG_9219 rt blog2

IMG_9193 rt blog2

It's after Christmas and you still haven't gotten your Senior pictures taken. Never fear, we can help!

While you may still need to get your yearbook photo taken by the school photographer, you are now allowed to have your senior portraits taken by the photographer of your choice!


I love photographing senior sessions.  While you may not be a professional model, we try to treat you as such, and have a lot more fun.  :)

While you may still need to get your yearbook photo taken by the school photographer, you are now allowed to have your senior portraits taken by the photographer of your choice!

We love photographing senior sessions.  While you may not be a professional model, we try to treat you as such, and have a lot more fun.  :)

Call and schedule your appointment today. 609-561-5322.

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You might recognize him from other Martial Arts photographs I've done.  He is amazing.

IMG_9232 rt

A junior in high school, he is my High School Ambassador and is very photogenic.  We chose to do his portraits outside and found some great additional props, and some tall grass that I think added to the whole outdoor portrait experience.  And of course we did some additional Martial Arts photographs.

IMG_9193 rtIMG_9254 rt

This is one reason I love doing High School Seniors' portraits, it's very individual for the person and can be as artistic and different as the imagination leads.
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Family portrait in PA

Once we got to the location in PA and drove around a bit, we found a location that would be unmistakably the best location for the family portrait.  Large weeping willows, lush greenery, a little pond, a bridge, a bench, and other trees.  In between the rain drops, we started the shoot off with a gorgeous family portrait that included everyone.  By the time we were finishing up the smaller groups and individual family shots the rain had stopped, the sun had come out, and it was warm!

IMG_2472 rt

IMG_8050 rt bIMG_2625 rt

IMG_2679 rt
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Engagement on the water

Congratulations on their engagement to Gaetan and Kalynn.

IMG_7814 2 rt blog2

We had wonderful weather for their engagement session on the water in Sweetwater, NJ. These photographs speak for themselves; you can't get better color and light than this.

IMG_7815 rt blog2


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Congratulations Monica and Rigoberto!

It was a sweet backyard BBQ Wedding. So intimate and wonderful.  I love these. Closest friends and family share in the intimate joy and love between the bride and groom.  Delicious food. Beautiful weather. Great company. A loving couple. A recipe for a wonderful day and wedding.  A photographer really can't ask for anything more!

IMG_9678 rt blog2IMG_9735 rt blog2

IMG_9916 rt blog2IMG_9883 rt blog2

IMG_9910 rt blog2

IMG_2253rt bw blog2

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Aspiring Model :)

This little girl is only 8 years old and has been dancing since she was 3!  As you can see from her photographs she is a very fun and photogenic young lady.  No wonder she is an aspiring model.  We did the photo session in Batsto; a historic village right next to the Wharton State Forrest.  For this shoot we stayed in the village so that we could use all the wonderful textures of the old buildings.

It was a beautiful evening and we got some great photographs!

IMG_2189 artistic blog2IMG_2197 rt bw blog2IMG_9589 rt blog2IMG_2167 rt blog2

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Art and Love

We were surrounded by art this wonderful warm night.  Architecture... we shot this awesome couple at the Waterworks in Philadelphia with the Art Musuem in the near distance.  Love is definitely in the air with these two.  They were so fun and one could tell they are into each other.  So with the beautiful columns of the waterworks and one of the rivers flowing through Philadelphia in the background we spent almost a full two hours documenting the love between Elise and Robert.

IMG_6921 rt blog2IMG_6931 rt cropped blog2

We cannot wait for their wedding in August!

IMG_6987 rt blog2

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A wonderful Happy Birthday to this very special girl. She turned 15 this year! The party was like no other, with an Alice in Wonderland theme.  It can't get any better than having the Cheschire Cat on your Birthday Cake.

IMG_9104 rt blog2

We had a private portrait session several weeks prior to the Quinceanera, so some of the photographs are from that as well as from the party.

IMG_0959 rt blog2


IMG_2095rt wn blog2


IMG_0863 rt 11x14 blog2IMG_0792 rt 11x14 b log

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Gibraltar--Take 2

If you recall, I wrote a blog2 a while back about a place called Gibraltar in Delaware.  I have noticed that Delaware, at least the parts I've visited, have the most gorgeous estates.  I love to go photograph the landscapes, throw in some models as well, and share the results with all of you. Well, I loved Gibraltar enough that I took my sister, Patience, and Dennis, my second photographer, back. Of course, Patience modeled once again.  You know there is never a lack for good photographs at such a beautiful place.  Thank you, Patience, for being such a great model.

IMG_0309 blog2IMG_0321 rt blog2


IMG_6207 rt blog2


And there is always little hidden treasures just waiting to be photographed.


IMG_0332 rt blog2

I am looking forward to "Take 3."

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