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Walt and Kacey: A Blooming Engagement

Walt and Kacey chose Gibraltar Gardens for the backdrop of their Fall Engagement Portraits.  While many of the leaves had fallen already, the sun during sunset was golden and beautiful. I can't get over how gorgeous the light was for their session. Little gardens like this always get my attention. Many times they have beautiful statues, structures, or gates, just like this one that adds a fantastic atmosphere. 

I am looking forward to Walt and Kaci's April wedding at the Waterfall in Claymont, DE!

Beautiful Garden Engagement 2



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Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!!!

IMG_2819-2 fb

Since we had a particularly chilly and snowy winter, I thought it to be appropriate to say goodbye to winter in style. This is the first year in my almost 10 years of photography that I had the pleasure of photographing a few weddings and a few engagement sessions in the snow! The only other time I have photographed portraits in the snow was a family photograph of my own family years ago. I had so much fun and the couples were amazing and so willing to walk and even play in the snow for the sake of some epic photographs!  And the first photograph is one I took at Longwood Gardens prior to one of the snowy engagement sessions.

IMG_2885 fb IMG_2914 fb IMG_2925 fb IMG_2971 fb IMG_3040 fb IMG_3110 rt fb

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I am looking forward to a fantastic 2014 wedding season South Jersey and Philadelphia!
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Jess and George

The Engagement Session was shot at Longwood Gardens. It was so beautiful! I love that place.

blog2 IMG_9709 rt blog2 IMG_4350 rt

blog2 IMG_9870 rt

And it's always great when the couple is up for anything, even getting a little wet!!!

blog2 IMG_9996 rt


Married in a quiet town at an old inn with a beautiful garden in the backyard. This couple went for elegance after having a blast at Longwood Gardens for their engagement shoot.



IMG_6329 rt blog2IMG_6260 rt blog2IMG_6265 rtIMG_6743 rt blog2

IMG_6776 rt blog2 IMG_6721 rt blog2IMG_7018 rt blog2

Shot for George Street.


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Nemours House

Delaware has done it again!  Another beautiful estate...

Alfred I. DuPont was one of the early DuPonts.  He strived for greatness.  While he was a wealthy man and part owner of the family's gunpowder business, he worked side by side with his employees.  He believed they were equals.  He also did much to help his "brothers" in the community, especially in his later years.

The Nemours House was built for his second wife, Alicia.  A grand house  it was.  As you walk through, you can imagine that you are living during that time period attending parties or taking tea with the lady of the house in the morning room. The grounds are just as beautiful as the house itself.  Below are some images to help you imagine.  Too bad photographs were not allowed inside.


Untitled_Panorama1 rt blog22


IMG_5222 bIMG_5230 b


IMG_5238 bIMG_5248 b

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Gibraltar--Take 2

If you recall, I wrote a blog2 a while back about a place called Gibraltar in Delaware.  I have noticed that Delaware, at least the parts I've visited, have the most gorgeous estates.  I love to go photograph the landscapes, throw in some models as well, and share the results with all of you. Well, I loved Gibraltar enough that I took my sister, Patience, and Dennis, my second photographer, back. Of course, Patience modeled once again.  You know there is never a lack for good photographs at such a beautiful place.  Thank you, Patience, for being such a great model.

IMG_0309 blog2IMG_0321 rt blog2


IMG_6207 rt blog2


And there is always little hidden treasures just waiting to be photographed.


IMG_0332 rt blog2

I am looking forward to "Take 3."

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Smithville, NJ

Smithville, NJ is a cute little town with over a dozen shops and Fred & Ethel's boasting great tasting food and a friendly atmosphere.  There are always wonderful photographs to be taken of the shops or ducks and flowers.

Enjoy these from our last trip to the cute and popular Smithville.

IMG_0301rt2 blog2IMG_8250rt2 blog2

IMG_8253rt blog2

IMG_0312rt2 blog2IMG_0310rt blog2

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Gibraltar in Delaware is a beautiful estate.  In 1844, John Rodney Brinckl√© built Gibraltar, living there until he sold to the Sharp family in 1909.  Marian Coffin was hired by the Sharps to create and landscape the wonderful grounds based on the culture they remembered from their travels in Europe.  She worked between 1916 and 1923 to complete the gardens. Which have since been restored.

solitude in time and space rt blog2IMG_3326 rt blog2IMG_3315 rt blog2IMG_0773 rt blog2IMG_0768 rt blog2IMG_0753 rt blog2IMG_0737 rt blog2IMG_3312 rt blog2purple popsicle blog2

We went seeking out the lovely garden and different environment to photograph the lovely model, Patience.  While it was a cool day, it still proved to be pleasant enough to be photographing.  The different textures provided interesting backgrounds and foregrounds for the images of Patience.  The gardens are kept up and remain as beautiful as they were in their prime.  I have heard that parties are hosted still in the gardens. Where English style lawns are paired with the Italian style garden pavilion.  Though the house remains a definite project to whomever owns the property, I hope that one day the house itself is restored to its once known glory just as the garden has been restored.

IMG_3382 rt  blog2IMG_3364 rt  blog2IMG_3353 rt blog2IMG_3352 rt blog2IMG_0754 rt blog2

IMG_0751 rt blog2IMG_0748 rtblog2

IMG_3403 rt blog2

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