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Veronica and Nick

Being from New Jersey, Veronica and Nick wanted the beauty of the shore but not the beach.  We chose an off beat location that had the feel of the ocean and beach complete with a pier.

Now I get to celebrate their wedding with them tomorrow!

Nick and Veronica 2

Nick and Veronica 1

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Walt and Kacey: A Blooming Engagement

Walt and Kacey chose Gibraltar Gardens for the backdrop of their Fall Engagement Portraits.  While many of the leaves had fallen already, the sun during sunset was golden and beautiful. I can't get over how gorgeous the light was for their session. Little gardens like this always get my attention. Many times they have beautiful statues, structures, or gates, just like this one that adds a fantastic atmosphere. 

I am looking forward to Walt and Kaci's April wedding at the Waterfall in Claymont, DE!

Beautiful Garden Engagement 2



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Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!!!

IMG_2819-2 fb

Since we had a particularly chilly and snowy winter, I thought it to be appropriate to say goodbye to winter in style. This is the first year in my almost 10 years of photography that I had the pleasure of photographing a few weddings and a few engagement sessions in the snow! The only other time I have photographed portraits in the snow was a family photograph of my own family years ago. I had so much fun and the couples were amazing and so willing to walk and even play in the snow for the sake of some epic photographs!  And the first photograph is one I took at Longwood Gardens prior to one of the snowy engagement sessions.

IMG_2885 fb IMG_2914 fb IMG_2925 fb IMG_2971 fb IMG_3040 fb IMG_3110 rt fb

8346045 0280 fb 8346045 0328 fb 8346045 0343

I am looking forward to a fantastic 2014 wedding season South Jersey and Philadelphia!
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Dan and Donna: From the Stadium to the Aisle :)

From the baseball stadium to the aisle.  These two were meant for each other.  They love to have fun together but are still romantic and show their love for one another effortlessly.

First their engagement session at the Phillies Stadium!

IMG_6062 rt blog2IMG_8513 rt blog2

IMG_8381 rt blog2 IMG_8377 rt blog2IMG_8408 rt blog2 IMG_8459 rt blog2

IMG_8476 rt blog2 IMG_8503 rt blog2 IMG_8528 rt blog2

IMG_8529 rt blog2

IMG_8674 rt blog2 IMG_8545 rt blog2

IMG_8681 rt blog2


Donna was a vision in her gorgeous gown and Christian Louboutin shoes.  A red rose bouquet and long beautiful curls.

IMG_2953 fbIMG_2992 fbIMG_2989 fb

We had a blast driving around the city stopping at iconic locations for fabulous formals--Broad Street and the Merchant Exchange Building.

IMG_3670 fbIMG_3647 fbIMG_3042 fb

The reception had a modern feel with alternating crystal and iron chandeliers.  A black scrolling design on white for the tablecloths. Cahlalilis and gardenias (correct me if I'm wrong) topped each table for a touch of elegance, while a live band played popular and classic tunes.  The whole day was definitely a hit.  Everyone had so much fun. The guests and bride and groom continued the party at a nearby bowling alley for the after party!

IMG_3152 fbIMG_3805 fb IMG_3809 fb

Shot for George Street.

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Engagement Portrait in Old City

b IMG_4335 2 rtb IMG_4297 2 rtb IMG_4443 blog2 b IMG_4435 rt b IMG_4409 rt b IMG_4329 rt b IMG_4320 2 rtb IMG_4417 rt

Shot for George Street.

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Janice and Matt EP

b IMG_4825 rt b IMG_4821 rt b IMG_4671 rt b IMG_4599 rt b IMG_4580 rt b IMG_4580 rt croppedb IMG_4664 rt

Shot for George Street.
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Valley Forge National Park, Take One and Two!

I had two Engagement Portraits in one day at the Valley Forge National Park. It was the first time I had ever been there. It is absolutely gorgeous!  I couldn't have asked for a nicer day, better couples, or more amazing scenery!

Take One: Jenny and Mike

b IMG_6190 rt b IMG_6123 rt b IMG_6119 rt b IMG_6089 rt b IMG_6211 rt


Take Two: Meghan and Brad

b IMG_5767 rtb IMG_5969 rt b IMG_5959 rtb IMG_5815

b IMG_5965 rtb IMG_5938 rt b IMG_5907 rt b IMG_5885 rt b IMG_5872 b IMG_5858 b IMG_5833 b IMG_5773b IMG_5991 rt

Shot for George Street.
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Jess and George

The Engagement Session was shot at Longwood Gardens. It was so beautiful! I love that place.

blog2 IMG_9709 rt blog2 IMG_4350 rt

blog2 IMG_9870 rt

And it's always great when the couple is up for anything, even getting a little wet!!!

blog2 IMG_9996 rt


Married in a quiet town at an old inn with a beautiful garden in the backyard. This couple went for elegance after having a blast at Longwood Gardens for their engagement shoot.



IMG_6329 rt blog2IMG_6260 rt blog2IMG_6265 rtIMG_6743 rt blog2

IMG_6776 rt blog2 IMG_6721 rt blog2IMG_7018 rt blog2

Shot for George Street.


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Christine and Kevin: Getting to Know You

What a great family.  We were privelidged enough to photograph their daughter and dog as well.

Their Engagement Session was so much fun.  I love it when couples pick unique different locations.  Christine and Kevin picked Gardner's Basin in Atlantic City.  Such a beautiful and varied location, we had boats, water, rocks, grass, and trees.

Stay tuned for their wedding images!!
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Engagement Party in Somers Point NJ

This Engagement Party was at the Philip Chin restaurant which opened this past summer in Somers Point, NJ.  French/Asian cuisine and a great view!

The happy couple!!

The awesome cakes!!! How cool are these fishies?

As well as great decor and food. Sorry, in my book desert gets shown first. ;)


All the family and friends that came out to celebrate the engagement of these wonderful two people had an absolute fabulous time.

 And check out the location...a beautiful front porch, it must be good ;)  .
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Engagement on the water

Congratulations on their engagement to Gaetan and Kalynn.

IMG_7814 2 rt blog2

We had wonderful weather for their engagement session on the water in Sweetwater, NJ. These photographs speak for themselves; you can't get better color and light than this.

IMG_7815 rt blog2


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Art and Love

We were surrounded by art this wonderful warm night.  Architecture... we shot this awesome couple at the Waterworks in Philadelphia with the Art Musuem in the near distance.  Love is definitely in the air with these two.  They were so fun and one could tell they are into each other.  So with the beautiful columns of the waterworks and one of the rivers flowing through Philadelphia in the background we spent almost a full two hours documenting the love between Elise and Robert.

IMG_6921 rt blog2IMG_6931 rt cropped blog2

We cannot wait for their wedding in August!

IMG_6987 rt blog2

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What you should be thinking about when choosing a Wedding Photographer.


You are making decisions about all the people and companies to hire for the most special/important day of your life.  You need to hire the hall, DJ, Photographer, Videographer, and limo service just to name a few.  How do you choose?  On what do you base your decisions?   What should be the most important weighing factors?  Since my specialty is photography, I may be able to help you in this area.

First of all, the photographer's style.  Does his/her style fit the look/feel you like and would like for the story of your day?  Ask to view more.  A website is a great first impression but every photographer has sample albums.  This not only gives you a better feel for how the photographer approaches the entire day but also allows you to see the many different styles of albums he/she has available for you to choose from.  Photographers love to meet with clients for consultations to show you more of their work and to get a feel for the details of your day and ultimately what you are looking for in a photographer.  It really opens the lines for communication.  The more you communicate with your photographer, the happier you are going to be with the final photographs you receive from your wedding day.

For instance, how many hours of coverage are you going to need?  Do you want photographs of you and your girls right after you put your dress on prior to leaving for the ceremony?  Remember, this is when we get those gorgeous images of the dress before you put it on and all the little details you so carefully chose (shoes, jewelry, purse, flowers, etc.).  Do you want shots of the groom before the ceremony?  Do you want formal shots of you and your husband at the reception location or another favorite location?  This would mean you need some extra time built in before your cocktail hour unless you don't mind missing part or all of the cocktail hour.  And finally, do you want your photographer to stay until the very end of the reception?

Next, do you want an album (there really are too many options to go over them all here but this is an important topic to discuss with the photographer during the consultation.)?  Or just a CD of images?  Both a CD and an album?

If you choose just a CD of images, are you getting the end result you desire?  Are the images edited and retouched?  Are all of them edited or just a selection?

Finally and just as important, make sure you will get along with your photographer.  Your personalities should mesh and you should be able to ask questions without hesitation.

It is not a good idea to simply rule out photographers based on their wedding package prices alone.  Most of the time photographers can suggest alternatives and are willing to work with their clients.  For this very reason, it really is essential to meet with photographers face-to-face and not rely on emails, etc.  Since we live in a highly technology driven and fast-paced society, individuals are prone to doing a lot of their research on the internet.  This is a good idea, for the preliminary research.  Once you have found several photographers that seem to have the style you like, you should make an effort to have a face-to-face consultation with them.  This would allow you to work out the details and discuss which package (especially if it is a "Create your own" package) works for your needs/budget.  Once this is complete, you can review material from your chosen photographers and select the best one for you.


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Dana and Tony

Congratulations to Dana and Tony! They got engaged in October of 2010.

We feel honored that they chose us to photograph their Engagement Session.  Unfortunately the leaves all fell at once so there was not enough left on the trees to photograph them at the family farm, but we chose an equally beautiful setting. Batsto.

It was still warm enough that no coats were needed, the trees still looked lovely with some leaves and the crispness was evident.

This couple was so much fun. They had me laughing the entire time. (Most of the time I am trying to get the couples to laugh.) I loved how they just wanted to have fun and laugh and they really let their personalities show through.

The last image was their idea! I love it when the couples get into the session this much.

IMG_6631rt blog2IMG_1780rt blog2

IMG_0038rt blog2IMG_6668rt blog2

IMG_6731 rt blog2

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Guest — Dana Santora
We absoluely loved the pictures and had a great time! Thanks so much for adding them to your blog!
Sunday, 06 February 2011 07:46
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Enchanted Engagement

I am so bad at keeping up with blog2ging.  I appologize to all of my fans and blog2 followers.  I had shot this engagement session back in the fall and loved the images.  Unfortunately this was back before the new website went live, so it sort of slipped through the cracks, until now!  It has been found and is begging to be shared.  Here goes...

Sarah and Rich were not your typical engaged couple. They loved the outdoors and wanted that to show in their photography.  The two chose a beautiful hiking area that reminded me of the enchanted forest.  The images we got were absolutely magnificent.  It was a crisp day, but sunny and not too cold.  We did not have to worry about weather at all during this shoot, making my job a whole lot easier.

IMG_2872 rtIMG_2888 rtIMG_2928 rtIMG_2935 rtIMG_2941 rtIMG_2959 rtIMG_2980 rtIMG_8402 rtIMG_3007 rt
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