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Shane and Ashley's Ocean City Wedding

Shane and Ashley's Ocean City Wedding

One couldn't tell from their photographs that their wedding was acutally on a fairly chilly day in October.  The sun and the beach proved to be a splendid backdrop for their nuptuals.

The bridal prep was in the Penthouse Suite of the Flanders Hotel. What a view! The balcony and visible rooftop of the hotel reminded me of and Italian Villa. Especially with the shining sun and clear blue sky. I knew I had to get Ashley's bridal portraits out on that balcony. I am so glad that she agreed to take the few extra minutes to capture her timeless look in this location.

Of course then we had a first look with Dad, a beachfront ceremony, family formals, followed by countless memories and a reception to never be forgotten.

Shane and Ashleys Wedding Ocean City

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Christine and Kevin

IMG_6677 rt

Married in December, one year ago…Christine and Kevin! They are such an awesome couple with an adorable little girl.

IMG_8920 rtIMG_8926 rtIMG_8942 rtIMG_8946 rtIMG_6768 rt

IMG_6741 rtIMG_8911 rtIMG_8989 rt

Words cannot express how beautiful a venue One Atlantic in Atlantic City, NJ is.  No matter the weather this venue has so many photographic options!

IMG_7002 rtIMG_6877 rt cropIMG_6813 rt

The staff is so friendly and easy to work with! They run events so effortlessly and smoothly, you would never even know if something did go wrong.

Christine and Kevin were so lucky. Not only did nothing go wrong for their wedding, but they had a relatively mild day considering their wedding was in December!

IMG_9241 rtIMG_9263 rtIMG_9065 rtIMG_9078 rt

Christine wore a white sexy gown with a black fur stole. The flower girl, the couple's daughter was simply adorable.
IMG_6887 rt crop

While we did most of the formals indoors we did capture some outside on the balcony.

IMG_7191 rtIMG_9546 rt

Christine and Kevin, congratulations on your one year anniversary! I could not have had more fun than I did at your wedding!

IMG_7055 rt IMG_9634 rtIMG_7030 rt
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Erin & Josh: The Grand Hotel


This bride was so laid back. When I arrived, the bride was in her pajamas having a bite to eat. I thought to myself, awesome, a truly laid back relaxing beach wedding.  We had oodles of time and captured some fantastic memories including a butterfly on the bride's bouquet.

IMG_4152 2 rt blog IMG_4172 rt blog2

The ceremony was complete with starfish, parasols, and sand!

IMG_2269 rtIMG_2300 rtIMG_2268 rt

IMG_2306rtIMG_4482 rt blog2


And of course, what is a beach wedding without romantic beach photographs afterwards!

IMG_4327IMG_4604 rt blog2IMG_4635 rt blog2

IMG_4581 IMG_4589 IMG_4591IMG_4349 2 rt



Shot for George Street.


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Carly and Arjun

Her dress was gorgeous and she wore some very hot fushia shoes.  Carly was a stunning bride while Arjun made a very handsome bridegroom in his suit.

One Atlantic provided a fantastic venue yet again for another happy wedding.  All formals were taken on the premises, the cermenony was held with the ocean and clouds visible out of the grand windows, while the reception was held in One Atlantic's ballroom under a "Starry Night" with fushia lit pillars.

We were able to get some sunset and night shots of the bride and groom with the Atlantic City skyline in the background before the night was over.

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What you should be thinking about when choosing a Wedding Photographer.


You are making decisions about all the people and companies to hire for the most special/important day of your life.  You need to hire the hall, DJ, Photographer, Videographer, and limo service just to name a few.  How do you choose?  On what do you base your decisions?   What should be the most important weighing factors?  Since my specialty is photography, I may be able to help you in this area.

First of all, the photographer's style.  Does his/her style fit the look/feel you like and would like for the story of your day?  Ask to view more.  A website is a great first impression but every photographer has sample albums.  This not only gives you a better feel for how the photographer approaches the entire day but also allows you to see the many different styles of albums he/she has available for you to choose from.  Photographers love to meet with clients for consultations to show you more of their work and to get a feel for the details of your day and ultimately what you are looking for in a photographer.  It really opens the lines for communication.  The more you communicate with your photographer, the happier you are going to be with the final photographs you receive from your wedding day.

For instance, how many hours of coverage are you going to need?  Do you want photographs of you and your girls right after you put your dress on prior to leaving for the ceremony?  Remember, this is when we get those gorgeous images of the dress before you put it on and all the little details you so carefully chose (shoes, jewelry, purse, flowers, etc.).  Do you want shots of the groom before the ceremony?  Do you want formal shots of you and your husband at the reception location or another favorite location?  This would mean you need some extra time built in before your cocktail hour unless you don't mind missing part or all of the cocktail hour.  And finally, do you want your photographer to stay until the very end of the reception?

Next, do you want an album (there really are too many options to go over them all here but this is an important topic to discuss with the photographer during the consultation.)?  Or just a CD of images?  Both a CD and an album?

If you choose just a CD of images, are you getting the end result you desire?  Are the images edited and retouched?  Are all of them edited or just a selection?

Finally and just as important, make sure you will get along with your photographer.  Your personalities should mesh and you should be able to ask questions without hesitation.

It is not a good idea to simply rule out photographers based on their wedding package prices alone.  Most of the time photographers can suggest alternatives and are willing to work with their clients.  For this very reason, it really is essential to meet with photographers face-to-face and not rely on emails, etc.  Since we live in a highly technology driven and fast-paced society, individuals are prone to doing a lot of their research on the internet.  This is a good idea, for the preliminary research.  Once you have found several photographers that seem to have the style you like, you should make an effort to have a face-to-face consultation with them.  This would allow you to work out the details and discuss which package (especially if it is a "Create your own" package) works for your needs/budget.  Once this is complete, you can review material from your chosen photographers and select the best one for you.


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Ben and Jillian

Another hot summer day was behind us on this one.  This one in particular was special. Congratulations to Ben and Jillian, married the week before in Chicago (unfortunately we did not get to photograph the ceremony in the Windy City).  We heard that that one was fun too!  But for the East Coast side of the family, we celebrated the couple's union on August 28th.  So Congratulations Ben and Jillian!

The weather was hot, but the company was great, games were played, lots of photographs taken just an overall fun and memorable day.

IMG_5289 rt crop blog2IMG_5285 rt blog2IMG_5291 rt blog2IMG_5342 rt blog2IMG_8502rt crop blog2

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Jenna and Mike

Congratulations to Jenna and Mike.

Jenna and Mike chose to have their ceremony at a historical church in NJ.  Absolutely beautiful.  The lighting was amazing.  Windows lined both sides of the church.

After the ceremony, we did family portraits outside and then drove to the beach for their formals.  Though it was hot, we got some fantastic shots of this couple in love!

A perfect afternoon reception completed the day, with lots of eating and dancing!

IMG_4701rt blog2IMG_4707rt bb blog2

IMG_6959rt blog2

IMG_2144rt blog2

IMG_7067RT bw blog2IMG_4820rt blog2

DiMattia 82 blog2DiMattia 79 blog2

DiMattia 316 blog2

DiMattia 456 blog2DiMattia 464 blog2

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Brandy and Joel

Congratulations to Brandy and Joel, married on June 12th!

They were married on the beach in Brigantine, NJ. Mother Nature was nice enough to hold off on the rain.  We were able to get some gorgeous photographs of Brandy on the beach before Joel arrived.  She wore a magnificent lace strapeless gown.  Joel rocked a white linen suit to match his bride.

Everything was simple but beautiful and portrayed the couple's personality to a 'T'.

Enjoy the photographs!

IMG_5235 rt blog2IMG_5319 rt blog2

j n b IMG_0188 rt blog2j n b IMG_0196 rt bw blog2

IMG_0203 rt bw blog2

j n b IMG_0214 rt blog2

Cake, yum! (It's there...see it, in the corner.)

j n b IMG_5758 rt blog2

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Wedding Series: 7

This bride and groom were laid back, relaxed, and out to enjoy their wedding.  When the day began it was raining and cloudy.  They had a beautiful ceremony on the beach, with the sand tickling their toes.  Afterwards, we were lucky enough for the rain to stop so that we could take their formal portraits on the sand with the dunes in the background of some and the ocean as a spectacular background of others.

web image062web image206

web image292web image327

Has anyone ever heard of "Trash the Dress"? I love these types of shoots. They are unique and normally enable very artistic and fun photographs. The idea is not to destroy the wedding dress but to not be inhibited by keeping it pristine.  Thus, it might get a little bit dirty in the process.  Well, this bride and groom, after their reception decided that it was pretty hot out and wanted to have a little extra fun so they went for a swim! Yes, in their wedding attire they jumped into the resort pool and went for a swim. They were soon followed by their entire bridal party! An awesome time was had by all.

web image504web 505

web image514web image515
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