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Walt and Kacey's Perfect Wedding

Walt and Kacey, married on April 16, 2016. One of the first of the wedding season for 2016. They had a perfect day. The weather was warm and sunny. Making for the best lighting situations all day long!  Kacey chose a coral color for her bridesmaids which popped in the spring sun. Her mermaid style dress looked absolutely gorgeous on her.  

Their day was full of beautiful moments and fun memories.

"I wish we could do it again." said Kacey. Well, Kacey, I don't blame you at all. It was perfect.

Walt and Kacey 1Walt and Kacey 2Walt and Kacey 3Walt and Kacey 5Walt and Kacey 7Walt and Kacey 8

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Bob and Mandy: Another Reason to Celebrate on March 20th

On March 20 of this year I was lucky enough to celebrate another birthday. How did I celebrate, you ask? Not in any ordinary way that is for sure. I celebrated my birthday doing what I love best, photographing a wedding. I spent my time with a beautiful couple, both inside and out, and their wonderful bridal party, who kept me laughing and smiling the whole time.

fb web img IMG 1969

I love being able to capture both groom and bridal preps, they end up being so different from each other and unique to the individual.

IMG 1260

IMG 1293

IMG 1332

IMG 1337


IMG 1399

IMG 1445

IMG 1724

IMG 1796

IMG 1655

IMG 2077

IMG 2156

IMG 2497

Their wedding took place at one of my all time favorite venues, One Atlantic. Elizabeth McGlinn and the Staff at One Atlantic did an awesome job. I also got a chance to work with Andy from Extra Step Vidiography, always a pleasure.

 IMG 2059

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Melissa and Joe: Sweet and Classic

What a lovely couple.  They didn't mind cuddling up close or goofing off. No matter what I asked them to do for the perfect photographs, they did so with ease and grace.

IMG_0967 fbIMG_1086 fb

We had a First Look on the Union League steps,

IMG_1121 fbIMG_1166 fb

photographs overlooking the city at Belmont Plateau,

IMG_1325 fbIMG_1334IMG_2712 fbIMG_1433

and finished up at Rittenhouse Square.

IMG_1727IMG_1750 fbIMG_1498 fbIMG_1505 fbIMG_1539 fbIMG_1558 fbIMG_1623 fbIMG_2773 fbIMG_2735 fb

What a gorgeous day to have an outdoor ceremony at the gazebo overlooking the water at The Waterworks in Philadelphia.

IMG_1969 fbIMG_2298 IMG_2307 IMG_2309IMG_2182 fb IMG_2199 fb




Shot for George Street.

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Julie and Chris: The High School Sweethearts...

IMG_9492 2 fb IMG_9566 2 fbIMG_9628 2 fb

High school sweethearts, Julie and Chris had fun plans for their portraits.  Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate and they were forced  to change the location of where they had their formals taken.  But it didn't stop them from having the time of heir lives.  We were able to get a few good photographs before the rain hit.

IMG_9744 2 fbIMG_9750 2 fb

They had a live band to help get the party started and to keep it going until the very end.  And boy those guys knew how to jam!


Shot for George Street.
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Quarry Valley Farm Wedding

This couple chose the bride's family farm for their ceremony and reception.  What a unique and different idea?! I loved it. As well as being an intimate setting, it was an absolutely beautiful setting for all photographs throughout the day.

image 0474

image 0122

image 0270image 0274

image 0329image 0363image 0352

image 0401

image 0136image 0135

The bride and her father rode into the ceremony on horseback! Now that is something you don't see everyday!

image 0223
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Brandy & Nickoy at the Mansion

This couple chose a classic Paris theme with deep purple as their color.  Their ceremony and reception was at the Mansion in Voorhees.

IMG_2800 fb

I photographed the groom and groomsmen first.  We had a blast. They were so much fun and kept me smiling the whole time.

IMG_2622 fb

And, of course, this little guy got tired before the ceremony even started!

IMG_2838 fb

IMG_0025 fbIMG_2818 fb

IMG_3302 fbIMG_3216 fb

IMG_3521 fb IMG_3520 fbIMG_3528 fb

The bride was a vision in a lace gown.

IMG_0117 fbIMG_0086 fb

My favorite photographs of the couple were taken on the stairs and the piano in the lobby.

IMG_3301 fb



Shot for George Street.
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Nicole & Ryan

Seven months pregnant and still a beautiful bride.

IMG_2079 fbIMG_2128 fbIMG_2145 fb

Such a gorgeous day for a wedding!

IMG_0327 fb

We did formal portraits at a lake that was on the way to the reception.  This bridal party was so nice, and very cooperative too!  I had a blast working with them.

IMG_2443 fbIMG_2456 fbIMG_2546 fb

Since they were expecting, I did a different ring shot...

IMG_2566 fb

And, of course, you can't forget cake at a wedding. Wedding cake, my favorite!!

IMG_2598 fb



Shot for George Street.

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Ashleigh and Rob

IMG_0718 rt

A lovely summer wedding.  I was thrilled when they chose to go outside on the beach.  They were such a down to earth and fun couple.  We got some amazing photographs of them; I really couldn't decide which one I liked best of all.

IMG_9907IMG_1777 rtIMG_1428 rtIMG_0657 IMG_9935IMG_1517 rt bwIMG_9946IMG_0893 rtIMG_1566 rtIMG_0678 rt crop

One Atlantic, gorgeous as always. Clean bright colors. And always a great view.


IMG_1764 rt IMG_0796 rt IMG_0869 rtIMG_1803 rt IMG_9915 IMG_9922IMG_9951 IMG_9962 IMG_9969 IMG_9986
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Lauren & Chris


IMG_0137 fbIMG_0610 fb

A nice casual stroll down the cozy street in Chestnut Hill, provided us with great little nooks for the couples formal shots.  My favorite was an alley, of course.  This alley provided the most yummy light for beautiful closeups.

IMG_1247 fbIMG_1151 fbIMG_1157 fbIMG_0158 fbIMG_1112 fbIMG_1118 fbIMG_1178 fbIMG_1234 fbIMG_1235 fb

It was a gorgeous day for such a down-to-earth, wonderful couple.

IMG_1319 fb IMG_1381 fb IMG_1476 fb IMG_1613 fb



Shot for George Street.
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Jansen & Corey

What a gorgeous dress! And a radiant bride!!

IMG_0003 fb

IMG_3792 fbIMG_3806 fbIMG_3872 fb

And those flowers, such a brilliant and colorful bouquet.

IMG_3717 fbIMG_3722 fb

Even though it threatened to rain we captured the nuptials outside in the garden.

IMG_4278 fb

The trees and flowers in the garden were magnificent.  The couple saw each other before the ceremony and did all the formals then so that they could enjoy their cocktail hour. And party right thru to the reception!


IMG_3889 fbIMG_3989 fb

I love it when grooms get emotional!

IMG_3965 fbIMG_3992 fbIMG_0084 fb

IMG_0338 fb IMG_0698 fb IMG_0708 fb IMG_4317 fb




Shot for George Street.
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Christine and Kevin

IMG_6677 rt

Married in December, one year ago…Christine and Kevin! They are such an awesome couple with an adorable little girl.

IMG_8920 rtIMG_8926 rtIMG_8942 rtIMG_8946 rtIMG_6768 rt

IMG_6741 rtIMG_8911 rtIMG_8989 rt

Words cannot express how beautiful a venue One Atlantic in Atlantic City, NJ is.  No matter the weather this venue has so many photographic options!

IMG_7002 rtIMG_6877 rt cropIMG_6813 rt

The staff is so friendly and easy to work with! They run events so effortlessly and smoothly, you would never even know if something did go wrong.

Christine and Kevin were so lucky. Not only did nothing go wrong for their wedding, but they had a relatively mild day considering their wedding was in December!

IMG_9241 rtIMG_9263 rtIMG_9065 rtIMG_9078 rt

Christine wore a white sexy gown with a black fur stole. The flower girl, the couple's daughter was simply adorable.
IMG_6887 rt crop

While we did most of the formals indoors we did capture some outside on the balcony.

IMG_7191 rtIMG_9546 rt

Christine and Kevin, congratulations on your one year anniversary! I could not have had more fun than I did at your wedding!

IMG_7055 rt IMG_9634 rtIMG_7030 rt
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Dan and Donna: From the Stadium to the Aisle :)

From the baseball stadium to the aisle.  These two were meant for each other.  They love to have fun together but are still romantic and show their love for one another effortlessly.

First their engagement session at the Phillies Stadium!

IMG_6062 rt blog2IMG_8513 rt blog2

IMG_8381 rt blog2 IMG_8377 rt blog2IMG_8408 rt blog2 IMG_8459 rt blog2

IMG_8476 rt blog2 IMG_8503 rt blog2 IMG_8528 rt blog2

IMG_8529 rt blog2

IMG_8674 rt blog2 IMG_8545 rt blog2

IMG_8681 rt blog2


Donna was a vision in her gorgeous gown and Christian Louboutin shoes.  A red rose bouquet and long beautiful curls.

IMG_2953 fbIMG_2992 fbIMG_2989 fb

We had a blast driving around the city stopping at iconic locations for fabulous formals--Broad Street and the Merchant Exchange Building.

IMG_3670 fbIMG_3647 fbIMG_3042 fb

The reception had a modern feel with alternating crystal and iron chandeliers.  A black scrolling design on white for the tablecloths. Cahlalilis and gardenias (correct me if I'm wrong) topped each table for a touch of elegance, while a live band played popular and classic tunes.  The whole day was definitely a hit.  Everyone had so much fun. The guests and bride and groom continued the party at a nearby bowling alley for the after party!

IMG_3152 fbIMG_3805 fb IMG_3809 fb

Shot for George Street.

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Aundrea and Bobby's Wedding


I couldn't believe it when this bride told me that she designed and made her wedding gown and her bouquet!!

I just think brooch bouquets are awesome! I love antique or vintage jewelry (well antique or vintage anything, but jewelry fits here so…)


The couple shared some quiet time together when they took me to a local park for portraits of just the two of them.

IMG_0385 rt


Shot for George Street.

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Kristi & Gino

So for a wedding that started out for me as a slight disaster, falling with two of my cameras (yes, both ended up out of commission as well as me having some bruises and cuts), it ended an awesome wedding with fantastic photographs.




IMG_9777 IMG_9784


Love this bride for being game for this photograph. Oh yea, and the guys for letting the bride do this!! Haha…best bride and groomsmen shot ever!


IMG_9830 IMG_9835


IMG_0034 rt blog2IMG_0150 2 rt blog2


Shot for George Street.
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Erin & Josh: The Grand Hotel


This bride was so laid back. When I arrived, the bride was in her pajamas having a bite to eat. I thought to myself, awesome, a truly laid back relaxing beach wedding.  We had oodles of time and captured some fantastic memories including a butterfly on the bride's bouquet.

IMG_4152 2 rt blog IMG_4172 rt blog2

The ceremony was complete with starfish, parasols, and sand!

IMG_2269 rtIMG_2300 rtIMG_2268 rt

IMG_2306rtIMG_4482 rt blog2


And of course, what is a beach wedding without romantic beach photographs afterwards!

IMG_4327IMG_4604 rt blog2IMG_4635 rt blog2

IMG_4581 IMG_4589 IMG_4591IMG_4349 2 rt



Shot for George Street.


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Shannon & Jim


This couple was just plain fun!  Even though they had a larger bridal party, we made sure that we had lots of fun. We went to a separate location for formals because their reception was at a hotel. Good choice. Although, I did love the images I captured of the bride and her girls prior to meeting the groom.

IMG_5285 IMG_7903IMG_5291 rt blog2



IMG_5499 IMG_8206

Shot for George Street.


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Best of 2013

So below are my favorites of 2013 for each important shot at a wedding.

4180 bride web

Bridal Portrait

bouquet wweb IMG_2303

Bridal Bouquet

getting ready web IMG_1013

Getting Ready

first look web IMG_2025

First Look

groomsmen web IMG_2420


9077 cake web


couple web IMG_1649

Nighttime Couple Shot

candid web IMG_0746

Candid Moment

*All images above were taken for George Street*

ceremony web IMG_3248



29 food web


1 shoes web




27 recep web



3708 cake cutting web


Cake Cutting

4540 room web



Reception Decor


groom web IMG_1691


Groom Portrait

children web IMG_0237


Children in the Wedding

couple web image 0229


Couples Portrait

couple web img 499


Couples Portrait (Ok, I know there is two in this category…but I couldn't decide!)

decor web img 283



first dance web image 0314


First Dance

ring web IMG_0059


Ring Shot

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Melissa and Charles!


Their wedding went from rain in the morning to clear skies (ok maybe not clear, but no rain.). To me that's just as good.

This gorgeous bride was up for anything.

IMG_5863 rt blog2


She took a little walk with me in the woods and looked like a goddess standing among the trees in her beautiful gown.



And we also took some iconic shots at the reception venue.

IMG_5866 rt blog2IMG_9002 2

IMG_5888 rt blog2

IMG_8772 IMG_8786


The rain subsided just in time for an outdoor ceremony and then formals on the steps of the Art Museum replica.



And I ended the night with a cool photograph of the venue as I left!

IMG_6049 blog2

Shot for George Street.

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Shyla and Pete

Shyla, a stunning bride and Pete, a handsome groom made a magnificent couple.

IMG_7272IMG_7340 rt blog2IMG_7342 rt blog2

They were married in a Greek Ceremony.  There is something about Greek Churches and Ceremonies that I absolutely love. They are beautiful, nothing compares.IMG_7286

Due to a movie filming in Rittenhouse Square the couple chose to have their formals at St. Joseph's University.  My Alma Mater! The campus is just as pretty as ever.  Some building modifications and additions!  We had lovely landscaping to choose from.

The green grass and plants really made the brides dress pop.  And the old stone of one of th e1st buildings of the campus looked wonderful in the background.IMG_7809 rt blog2

The day ended with an awesome party at the Hilton on City Avenue!

IMG_0024 rt blog2

Shot for George Street.

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Catie and John

IMG_9909 2 rt blog2

I love a nice silhouette. :)

This gal just could not stop smiling! I love it when my brides are like this.

IMG_0062 rt blog2

The couple wanted to have some fun in Philly, so we went to the Art Museum for some of their formals, and what fun we had!!

IMG_9897 5 rt blog2 IMG_0288 rt blog2 IMG_0150 2 rt crop blog2 IMG_0064 4 rt blog2 IMG_0054 2 rt blog2 IMG_0035 2 rt blog2 IMG_0016 2 rt blog2

Shot for George Street.

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Jenny and Mike




I remember their engagement session. We had fun at Valley Forge National Park. But their wedding was the icing on the cake!

Gorgeous bride. Handsome groom. And completely loving the rustic feel of everything.

As you can see this bride and groom were super fun and had no problems getting into any pose I asked. And just look at them! How amazing do they look??!!IMG_3439 rt blog2 IMG_3432 rt blog2 IMG_3420 rt blog2 IMG_3052 rt blog2 IMG_3047 rt blog2 IMG_3025 rt blog2 IMG_1139 rt IMG_1136 rt IMG_1135 rt IMG_1120 rtIMG_1134 rt IMG_0994 rt rt blog2 IMG_0950 rt blog2 IMG_0957 rt blog2 IMG_0974 RT blog2

Shot for George Street.

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Meghan and Brad

IMG_9191 2 rt

She looked just like a princess out of a fairytale.

The smile from ear to ear showed not only on her but also on him.  This couple had so much chemistry and happiness.

We traveled all around Philadelphia getting the most fantastic shots of the couple.

They planned everything out perfectly.  The whole day flowed smoothly and effortlessly allowing myself and the second photographer the luxury of relaxing and focusing on the task at hand, capturing the couple's happiness and love.

All events, from the bride getting ready to the reception and everything in between was in the city.  Meghan an dBrad chose the Cescaphe Ballroom for their reception location.  Cescaphe offers a variety of add ons.  One important add on the couple chose was the Trolly service for the entire day.  It allowed the couple to keep their photographers with them all day long and then provided us with a ride back to our cars and guests back to the hotel after the partying came to a close.

IMG_6438 rt IMG_6430rt IMG_6423 rt IMG_6416 rt

Shot for George Street.

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Nicole and Lee

Nicole and Lee had a gorgeous and exciting day.  The weather was perfect, the church magnificent, the reception hall was beautiful.  The DJ pumped out the latest hits combined with some oldies but goodies. Nothing was stopping this party!

IMG_2253 rt IMG_2370 rt IMG_2130 rt IMG_2104 rt IMG_2040 rt IMG_0387 rt blog2


Shot for George Street.

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Royal Pains Groom Look-a-like



Yes, Anthony looks like the actor from Royal Pains. At least in my opinion he does.


Anyway, it was a beautiful sunny day making this bride and groom shine even more.  The sun shone exquisitely through the bride's dress.  Though she didn't need the sun to make her radiant.

IMG_1017 rt


Kristen and Anthony shared a quiet moment together before I whisked them away to start capturing all the romance in the air.  I've never seen a bride smile the whole day like Kristen was. After proclaiming their love and saying their vows, we photographed the family while their guests sampled the delicious food. Excited and anticipating the meal and festivities to come.


A wonderful beautiful day to celebrate the couple and their love.

IMG_1113 rt IMG_1002 rt IMG_0986 rt IMG_1182 rt IMG_0763 rt blog2 IMG_0906 rt blog2 IMG_0745 rt blog2 IMG_0812 rt blog2 IMG_0716 rt blog2 IMG_0707 RT blog2 IMG_0669 blog2 IMG_0662 rt blog2 IMG_0656 blog2 IMG_0611 rt blog2 IMG_0253 rt blog2 IMG_0197 rt blog2 IMG_0181 rt blog2 IMG_0160 rt blog2


Shot for George Street.

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A great wedding...with soft pink colors. :)

Ah...the romance. :)

IMG_0483 rt blog2 IMG_0023 rt blog2 IMG_0013 rt blog2 IMG_0637 rt blog2 IMG_0122 rt blog2 IMG_0108 rt blog2 IMG_0103 rtIMG_0156 rt blog2

This job was shot for George Street.

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2012 Favorite Detail Shots!!!

All of the following are my favorites of details from 2012.

Favorite church detail.

Favorite groom details.

Favorite bride's shoes and flowers.

Favorite ring shots.

Favorite room details.


Favorite table setup.

Favorite cake toppers.


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Matt and Veronica, Congratulations!

I had the pleasure of photographing this great couple's wedding. It was especially an honor considering that Matt and I are college friends having both attended St. Joseph's University.  I am happy to announce he found such a sweet, wonderful woman who is so perfect for him.

The church and ceremony were beautiful.

While it was a rather chilly day, the two kept each other plenty warm. Veronica wore a beautiful gown, while Matt wore an Eastern Style jacket(if memory serves me correct) with his tuxedo.

Her colors were red and black. The bridesmaids were in black dresses with red sashes. And the bride wore some awesome red shoes!  I had a blast shooting everything from the bride and groom, to their details, and an adorable flower girl and ring bearer, to the guests having fun!

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Laura and Brian

It was a hot summer day in July.  Beautiful and rain free!

Laura wore a gorgeous strapless dress with amazing details.  She carried a pretty pink bouquet.  Brian looked sharp in a 3 piece suit.  I swear men should wear these everyday! They are so classic.

They made a spectacular site, such a great couple.  It was a running joke that their love set off the fire alarm.  No, really! the fire alarm really did go off, while we were doing the formal portraits.  So instead of waiting around to get the ok to go back into the building.  We took some photographs with the firetruck! And firemen!

Their ceremony was amazing with the ocean in the background.  And the beginnings of a sunset.  We also were able to catch some fantastic shots of the happy couple on the balcony at sunset.

One Atlantic out did themselves once again with amazing pink lighting with the "Starry Night" theme for the reception and one heck of a backdrop for their ceremony!  And Kim from Rain Florists did the flowers. Absolutely gorgeous!

Great job, once again One Atlantic staff!

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Kalynn and Gaetan

This bride and groom were so much fun!  We had plenty of time to play and enjoy the beautiful weather and lovely couple.  Kalynn looked stunning in her dress and I must say awesome shoes!  Gaetan looked dashing (not a word you hear too often) in his tux.


This was my first time at Rams Head in Galloway.  What a great venue!  Their scenery gave me fabulous backdrops for the gorgeous couple!  Who doesn't love it when the best man and the groom take turns climbing a water tower?

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Wendy and Chris Post Wedding Brunch

I had the privelege of photographing Chris and Wendy's Post Wedding Brunch.  Weddings themselves are always a blissful and happy occasion.  This couple oozed that happy bliss feeling.  What a treat to be able to witness a couple together the day after such an important day.

The brunch spread by One Atlantic in Atlantic City, NJ looked delicious and was enjoyed by all the guests. The spectacular view just added flavor to the occasion.  You cannot get any better than being out into the ocean enjoying family, friends, and a good meal.

Congratulations Chris and Wendy!

Blog Collage-1323292197082
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Carly and Arjun

Her dress was gorgeous and she wore some very hot fushia shoes.  Carly was a stunning bride while Arjun made a very handsome bridegroom in his suit.

One Atlantic provided a fantastic venue yet again for another happy wedding.  All formals were taken on the premises, the cermenony was held with the ocean and clouds visible out of the grand windows, while the reception was held in One Atlantic's ballroom under a "Starry Night" with fushia lit pillars.

We were able to get some sunset and night shots of the bride and groom with the Atlantic City skyline in the background before the night was over.

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Congratulations Ellie and Jim!

Ellie and Jim were able to spend their first Christmas as a married couple this year.  Such an awesome time!

Their ceremony and a beautiful reception was held at Lucien's Manor in Berlin, NJ.  How could they not have had a blast?  Great venue and surrounded by wonderful family and friends.

IMG_0107 rtIMG_4930 rt

IMG_4780 rt cropped

IMG_5147 rtIMG_4593 rt

Untitled_HDR2 one

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Congratulations Robert and Elise!!

Robert and Elise were married on August 20, 2011.  It was a hot day, but thankfully no rain! They married at One Atlantic in Atlantic City, NJ.

Elise was a radiant bride in a beautiful dress.  She carried white and pink roses and wore awesome shoes (I'm a shoe gal--love the shoes;)   ).IMG_8147 rt

Robert looked handsome in his uniform.

IMG_8961 rt

I loved the colors of this wedding. Navy and silver. The girls wore navy dresses. And the flowers in the reception hall were brilliant blue.  Everything made for spectacular photographs.  I hope you enjoy!

IMG_8497 rt blog2IMG_8276 rtIMG_8307 rt cropped blog2IMG_8591 rt

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Congratulations Monica and Rigoberto!

It was a sweet backyard BBQ Wedding. So intimate and wonderful.  I love these. Closest friends and family share in the intimate joy and love between the bride and groom.  Delicious food. Beautiful weather. Great company. A loving couple. A recipe for a wonderful day and wedding.  A photographer really can't ask for anything more!

IMG_9678 rt blog2IMG_9735 rt blog2

IMG_9916 rt blog2IMG_9883 rt blog2

IMG_9910 rt blog2

IMG_2253rt bw blog2

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What you should be thinking about when choosing a Wedding Photographer.


You are making decisions about all the people and companies to hire for the most special/important day of your life.  You need to hire the hall, DJ, Photographer, Videographer, and limo service just to name a few.  How do you choose?  On what do you base your decisions?   What should be the most important weighing factors?  Since my specialty is photography, I may be able to help you in this area.

First of all, the photographer's style.  Does his/her style fit the look/feel you like and would like for the story of your day?  Ask to view more.  A website is a great first impression but every photographer has sample albums.  This not only gives you a better feel for how the photographer approaches the entire day but also allows you to see the many different styles of albums he/she has available for you to choose from.  Photographers love to meet with clients for consultations to show you more of their work and to get a feel for the details of your day and ultimately what you are looking for in a photographer.  It really opens the lines for communication.  The more you communicate with your photographer, the happier you are going to be with the final photographs you receive from your wedding day.

For instance, how many hours of coverage are you going to need?  Do you want photographs of you and your girls right after you put your dress on prior to leaving for the ceremony?  Remember, this is when we get those gorgeous images of the dress before you put it on and all the little details you so carefully chose (shoes, jewelry, purse, flowers, etc.).  Do you want shots of the groom before the ceremony?  Do you want formal shots of you and your husband at the reception location or another favorite location?  This would mean you need some extra time built in before your cocktail hour unless you don't mind missing part or all of the cocktail hour.  And finally, do you want your photographer to stay until the very end of the reception?

Next, do you want an album (there really are too many options to go over them all here but this is an important topic to discuss with the photographer during the consultation.)?  Or just a CD of images?  Both a CD and an album?

If you choose just a CD of images, are you getting the end result you desire?  Are the images edited and retouched?  Are all of them edited or just a selection?

Finally and just as important, make sure you will get along with your photographer.  Your personalities should mesh and you should be able to ask questions without hesitation.

It is not a good idea to simply rule out photographers based on their wedding package prices alone.  Most of the time photographers can suggest alternatives and are willing to work with their clients.  For this very reason, it really is essential to meet with photographers face-to-face and not rely on emails, etc.  Since we live in a highly technology driven and fast-paced society, individuals are prone to doing a lot of their research on the internet.  This is a good idea, for the preliminary research.  Once you have found several photographers that seem to have the style you like, you should make an effort to have a face-to-face consultation with them.  This would allow you to work out the details and discuss which package (especially if it is a "Create your own" package) works for your needs/budget.  Once this is complete, you can review material from your chosen photographers and select the best one for you.


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Wedding Details

Most of the time for weddings the focus is on the bride and groom.  As well it should be.  However, for their benefit I always try to get good photographs of details.  These are often times things the bride and groom do not see much of the day of the wedding.

Here are some of my favorites from the past year or two.

blog2 image169j n b IMG_5866 rt blog2IMG_6460rt blog2IMG_1423 crop rt blog2IMG_1289 rt blog2image237 blog2DiMattia 152 blog2DiMattia 148 blog2blog2 image176blog2 image175

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Congratulations Rob and Kristen!

Rob and Kristen said their nuptuals on the high seas off the coast of Spain, if my memory serves me right.

IMG_6368 rt blog2

But they celebrated with family and friends on October 24, 2010 at the Waterfall Banquet and Conference Center in Delaware.

It was an honor to photograph such an important occasion for the couple.  We were able to get some quality time in outdoors doing portraits of the couple, before moving indoors to photograph the evenings festivities.

IMG_0393rt blog2IMG_0402rt blog2IMG_0468rt blog2IMG_0376rt blog2IMG_0588rt blog2IMG_0461rt blog2

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Ben and Jillian

Another hot summer day was behind us on this one.  This one in particular was special. Congratulations to Ben and Jillian, married the week before in Chicago (unfortunately we did not get to photograph the ceremony in the Windy City).  We heard that that one was fun too!  But for the East Coast side of the family, we celebrated the couple's union on August 28th.  So Congratulations Ben and Jillian!

The weather was hot, but the company was great, games were played, lots of photographs taken just an overall fun and memorable day.

IMG_5289 rt crop blog2IMG_5285 rt blog2IMG_5291 rt blog2IMG_5342 rt blog2IMG_8502rt crop blog2

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Tom and Jenn

Congratulations Tom and Jenn! My assistant and I were thrilled to photograph this wedding.  We photograph Tom and his family a few years back.  We knew this was going to be a special wedding when we photographed their engagement session in Ocean City.  This couple climbed on the rocks and were up for anything!

Their wedding was no different.  I moved them from one location to the next. We had the bride and groom jumping (just like the Toyota commercial).  This time, we traded the rocks for the bar. Jenn, of course, got to sit on the bar.  And Tom of course got to help her up and then off the bar. Thanks, Tom!

IMG_2110 rt blog2

Their wedding was awesome with lots of dancing and great family fun.

IMG_4248 rt bw blog2img 83 blog2

IMG_6471rt blog2

And I just loved this photograph of the groom's Dad and the bride and groom's son. :)

IMG_6509rt blog2

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Jenna and Mike

Congratulations to Jenna and Mike.

Jenna and Mike chose to have their ceremony at a historical church in NJ.  Absolutely beautiful.  The lighting was amazing.  Windows lined both sides of the church.

After the ceremony, we did family portraits outside and then drove to the beach for their formals.  Though it was hot, we got some fantastic shots of this couple in love!

A perfect afternoon reception completed the day, with lots of eating and dancing!

IMG_4701rt blog2IMG_4707rt bb blog2

IMG_6959rt blog2

IMG_2144rt blog2

IMG_7067RT bw blog2IMG_4820rt blog2

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Brandy and Joel

Congratulations to Brandy and Joel, married on June 12th!

They were married on the beach in Brigantine, NJ. Mother Nature was nice enough to hold off on the rain.  We were able to get some gorgeous photographs of Brandy on the beach before Joel arrived.  She wore a magnificent lace strapeless gown.  Joel rocked a white linen suit to match his bride.

Everything was simple but beautiful and portrayed the couple's personality to a 'T'.

Enjoy the photographs!

IMG_5235 rt blog2IMG_5319 rt blog2

j n b IMG_0188 rt blog2j n b IMG_0196 rt bw blog2

IMG_0203 rt bw blog2

j n b IMG_0214 rt blog2

Cake, yum! (It's there...see it, in the corner.)

j n b IMG_5758 rt blog2

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Wedding Series: 15

October 31, 2009. Halloween.  A holiday loved by children and adults alike.  But this year, Halloween wasn't just about Trick or Treating, costumes, ghosts, and goblins, it was the date that Robert and Katie got married.

We had a blast the whole day.  They got dressed in Ocean City by the ocean so we did the formal portraits right on the beach.

blog2 image073 rtblog2 image007 rtblog2 image156 rtblog2 image170 rtblog2 image231 rtblog2 image204 rt

Their reception wasn't your typical reception, it was a costume party! The bride and groom went as Gomez and Morticia from the Adams Family. Everyone really seemed to have a great time.

blog2 image467 rt


Congratulations Robert and Katie!

blog2 image590 rt

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Wedding Series: 14

image006 rtimage012 rt

Looking remarkable in a strapless gown, the bride was as beautiful as a bride could be.

image026 rtimage104 rtimage058 rt

The couple hired an antique Rolls Royce to drive the bride to the ceremony and then the bride and groom to the reception.

image109 rtimage270 rt

It was a unique touch and provided the opportunity for some beautiful and some plain fun photographs.  The reception was held at The Merion in Cinnaminson, thus creating the setting of elegance for the bride and grooms formal photographs.  The couple as well as the guests, and my associate and I enjoyed absolutely everything!

image223 rtimage321 rtimage394 rtimage400 rtimage301 rt

image276 rt

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Wedding Series: 13

The Carriage House is a spectacular place for a wedding.  I shot my first wedding their this summer and loved it.  They have one attendant dedicated to helping make sure everything runs smoothly and mainly there just for the bride.  This woman is fantastic!  Besides the friendly staff and beautiful grounds, the bride and groom were a match made in heaven.  The bride could not have been lovelier than Cinderella and the groom was as charming as well...Prince Charming.  The portraits of both were so easy to take, it's hard to mess up perfection.  The bride and groom were so lucky, a storm was minutes away as we were trying to squeeze in all their formals.  As we were shooting the formals of just the two of them, thunderheads crossed the sky overhead and created the most amazing scene for by far my favorite photograph of the entire wedding.  It is featured on the first slideshow of my website.  As you can tell, it was my favorite. *wink


IMG_0686 rt2


I must add the couple's son was a little cutie too.  He "hammed" it up in front of the camera a few times.  When we got to the cake cutting portion of the reception the bride and groom had a cake made for their son.  It was his first birthday.  Let me tell you, he enjoyed that cake probably more than he enjoyed the entire day and all the attention he received.  The picture will tell it all.

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Wedding Series: 12

This bride and groom were a fun-loving pair.  They wanted to have fun the whole day, and it really showed through in their photographs. They are people you want to be around all the time because they make everything fun.  Shooting their wedding was nothing but a joy.

image026 rt

image092 rt

image212 rt

image225 rtimage231 rt

image468 rt
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Wedding Series: 11

image280 1

We started out at the bride' aunt's house where the bride was getting dressed.  A house right off a golf course with an in ground pool!


Many of the bride and grooms this past year were so lucky because the weather was sunny and beautiful for most.  This bride was on of the lucky ones.  The ceremony was held outside. we were able to get gorgeous sunset photographs, it was a clear night and the sky was a firey orange.



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Wedding Series: 10

This bride and groom had their whole day planned and every went like clockwork.  It was a bright sunny day and we were even able to get some sunset photographs.  This bride had a dove release in honor of the groom's parents, a wonderful gesture that was fantastic to photograph. Any special moments during a ceremony or reception make for great photographs to add to your album plus great memories.






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Wedding Series: 9

This bride was a beautiful girl and despite the rain opted for her outdoor ceremony and formals!  Now that is a trooper.  I just loved her colors, a wonderful vibrant orange.



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Wedding Series: 8

This ceremony was held at the Peddie School.  It was the first time I had ever done a wedding at this location.  It was beautiful.  It was a warm sunny day, the architecture was a phenomenal from the brick buildings to the Grecian columns.  I just loved the bride's colors and just look at those shoes!


The bride and groom were willing to play and take the time to get really fun romantic shots.  The fun did not stop there.  Everyone had a ball at the reception, dancing, eating, and talking.

image027 1image051image104image112image106image147image094

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So you still want great photographs for your wedding....

Just because the economy is not what it used to be does not mean you should sacrifice quality on your wedding photography. This is a day that should be cherished and expense should be no hinderance. However, I understand that it is. In lieu of the growing economic diffeculties, I have decided to create and offer a special package for those of you who still want the memories of your wedding day documented in timeless portraits that you will cherish forever.

The package is great. It includes 8 hours of coverage. However, no album is included. This is a big expense that can be saved while paying for the rest of the day.  I do not reccomend forgoeing the album all together, just initially.  Albums can be purchased seperately a month or more after the wedding is over and paid for.  I read an article in "South Jersey Bride" that states this method is growing in popularity to cut that cost now and go back at a later date to order that beautiful keepsake.

Back to what the package includes, the 8 hours, no album, but a high resolution cd of the editted images.  This way you will be able to have prints made the size you wish for yourself.  Though this is just one specific package that I offer. I do have several others, but also try to work with the bride and groom.  Photography for your wedding day is a very individual thing, realizing this, a package can be created or one can be recommended that best fits your wants and budget.

web image262 rtweb image218 rt

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