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Veronica and Nick

Being from New Jersey, Veronica and Nick wanted the beauty of the shore but not the beach.  We chose an off beat location that had the feel of the ocean and beach complete with a pier.

Now I get to celebrate their wedding with them tomorrow!

Nick and Veronica 2

Nick and Veronica 1

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Outdoor Maternity Session

Outdoor Maternity Session

Maternity Sessions do not have to be held indoors in a studio setting.  There are so many beautiful outdoor locations. Why not choose your favorite?

This couple wanted an airy outdoor feel with some trees and woodsy undertones. We choose an offbeat shore location, which had the best of both worlds. And while we got the natural beauty photographs, we also had to get some really fun

photographs with the couple to include a shirt they had made based off of a Pinterest Idea.

Maternity Photos 1Maternity Photos 2Maternity Photos 3Maternity Photos 4

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Photographing Professional Photographers

Photographing Professional Photographers

Photographing a fellow photographer is always fun.  This photographer and I actually swapped taking family portraits for each other.  This was so very special to me.  Here are some photographs I took of her with her husband and son.  The fall colors and that golden sun will get you every time!

 Last Family Portrait of 2015 1

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Batsto Family Portrait

Batsto Family Portrait

November 27th was so unseasonably warm.  The sun was bright and made the weather very comfortable.  I absolutely had a great time photographing this family and loved how their portraits turned out!

Batsto Family Portrait

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Walt and Kacey: A Blooming Engagement

Walt and Kacey chose Gibraltar Gardens for the backdrop of their Fall Engagement Portraits.  While many of the leaves had fallen already, the sun during sunset was golden and beautiful. I can't get over how gorgeous the light was for their session. Little gardens like this always get my attention. Many times they have beautiful statues, structures, or gates, just like this one that adds a fantastic atmosphere. 

I am looking forward to Walt and Kaci's April wedding at the Waterfall in Claymont, DE!

Beautiful Garden Engagement 2



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Kayti at the Ventnor Beach


IMG_9373 rt

We had so much fun at the beach. Who can resist a cutie pup like Oscar. The weather was warm and the water wasn't too bad either.

IMG_9321 2 rtIMG_9308 rtIMG_9257 rtIMG_9234 rt IMG_9246 rt IMG_9418 rtIMG_9294 rt crop IMG_9312 rt IMG_9343 2 rt IMG_9358 rt IMG_9448 rt IMG_9474 rt IMG_9511 rt IMG_9619 rt IMG_9725 rt crop
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I love it when the leaves turn green to gold, orange, and red. The fall colors were in full swing for Katelyn's Confirmation portraits.  The colors brought out her complexion and dress to create stunning combinations. There wasn't one bad photograph.

IMG_8630 rtIMG_8672 rtIMG_0084 rt IMG_0093 rt IMG_8688 rt
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A Family Portrait at Batsto

IMG_8974 rt crop

Family photographs at Batsto are so much fun. There are plenty of options ranging from the historic village to the trails which are wondrous and the lake and other small rivers and ponds.

IMG_9039 rtIMG_9054 rtIMG_8982 rt cropIMG_9002 rtIMG_9014 rtIMG_8947 rt

This particular day was rather chilly. Although they were cold, no one looked cold at all.

IMG_8953 rtIMG_9050 rtIMG_9090 rt crop
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Stephanie agreed to model for me and she had the perfect dress.  We had Carmen from Salon 649 design the hairpiece, hairstyle, and makeup! Absolutely awesome! Runway worthy!!

We decided on an outdoor shoot at a little park in South Jersey.


Stay tuned because Carmen and I are working on some other themed shoots!
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A rising model

Tyler, a high school senior, is an aspiring model who needed to create his portfolio.  We were so happy to be the first to photograph this talented teen.  His first session was a studio shoot.  We look forward to doing another shoot which will be on location, probably at one of the shore points.

IMG_7680 rt b

Take a good look at these, he's going to be the next model for Abercrombie, or GQ! ;)

IMG_7318 blog2IMG_7737 rt bIMG_7511 rt bIMG_7459 rt bw crop  b

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Fashion Show

Aztec Salon of Hammonton, NJ did a fantastic job on the hair and makeup of some of the models for the recent Fashion Show held at Keri Brook Caterers.

I was lucky enough to be able to photograph the work of these talented hair stylists!  They make me want to go somewhere fancy, just to get my hair done.

IMG_8630 rt blog2IMG_8700 rt blog2IMG_8784 2 rt blog2

IMG_8798 2 rtIMG_8810 2 rt blog2IMG_8513 rt blog2IMG_8505 rt blog2

Call Aztec for your appointment! 609-567-0099

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Eastern State Penn Model

Photographing models in unlikely places is one of my favorite things.  I get to come up with some different ideas and create amazing images.

This model was photographed in the Eastern State Penitentiary.

IMG_1613 blog2IMG_1614 blog2

IMG_1642 rt blog2IMG_1798 rt bog

IMG_1634 rt bllog

IMG_1678 rt blog2

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High School Seniors

Meet Cody.

IMG_9190 rt blog2

He is our newest High School Senior Ambassador.  Such talent and accompanied by the nicest personality!

IMG_9249 rt blog2IMG_9219 rt blog2

IMG_9193 rt blog2

It's after Christmas and you still haven't gotten your Senior pictures taken. Never fear, we can help!

While you may still need to get your yearbook photo taken by the school photographer, you are now allowed to have your senior portraits taken by the photographer of your choice!


I love photographing senior sessions.  While you may not be a professional model, we try to treat you as such, and have a lot more fun.  :)

While you may still need to get your yearbook photo taken by the school photographer, you are now allowed to have your senior portraits taken by the photographer of your choice!

We love photographing senior sessions.  While you may not be a professional model, we try to treat you as such, and have a lot more fun.  :)

Call and schedule your appointment today. 609-561-5322.

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I had the pleasure of photographing an adorable 3month old with his grandparents.  It's just great seeing how much love there is when a baby is involved.

This little guy had the cutest little cheeks. Just see for yourself.

IMG_8987 rt bIMG_9002 rtScan
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You might recognize him from other Martial Arts photographs I've done.  He is amazing.

IMG_9232 rt

A junior in high school, he is my High School Ambassador and is very photogenic.  We chose to do his portraits outside and found some great additional props, and some tall grass that I think added to the whole outdoor portrait experience.  And of course we did some additional Martial Arts photographs.

IMG_9193 rtIMG_9254 rt

This is one reason I love doing High School Seniors' portraits, it's very individual for the person and can be as artistic and different as the imagination leads.
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Family portrait in PA

Once we got to the location in PA and drove around a bit, we found a location that would be unmistakably the best location for the family portrait.  Large weeping willows, lush greenery, a little pond, a bridge, a bench, and other trees.  In between the rain drops, we started the shoot off with a gorgeous family portrait that included everyone.  By the time we were finishing up the smaller groups and individual family shots the rain had stopped, the sun had come out, and it was warm!

IMG_2472 rt

IMG_8050 rt bIMG_2625 rt

IMG_2679 rt
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Engagement on the water

Congratulations on their engagement to Gaetan and Kalynn.

IMG_7814 2 rt blog2

We had wonderful weather for their engagement session on the water in Sweetwater, NJ. These photographs speak for themselves; you can't get better color and light than this.

IMG_7815 rt blog2


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Aspiring Model :)

This little girl is only 8 years old and has been dancing since she was 3!  As you can see from her photographs she is a very fun and photogenic young lady.  No wonder she is an aspiring model.  We did the photo session in Batsto; a historic village right next to the Wharton State Forrest.  For this shoot we stayed in the village so that we could use all the wonderful textures of the old buildings.

It was a beautiful evening and we got some great photographs!

IMG_2189 artistic blog2IMG_2197 rt bw blog2IMG_9589 rt blog2IMG_2167 rt blog2

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Art and Love

We were surrounded by art this wonderful warm night.  Architecture... we shot this awesome couple at the Waterworks in Philadelphia with the Art Musuem in the near distance.  Love is definitely in the air with these two.  They were so fun and one could tell they are into each other.  So with the beautiful columns of the waterworks and one of the rivers flowing through Philadelphia in the background we spent almost a full two hours documenting the love between Elise and Robert.

IMG_6921 rt blog2IMG_6931 rt cropped blog2

We cannot wait for their wedding in August!

IMG_6987 rt blog2

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Assumption Parish First Holy Communion

I should have posted this quite some time ago. I wanted to say Congratulations to the First Holy Communicants of Assumption Parish! You all looked adorable and had a beautiful day for this special occasion.

First Communion, being such a memorable time in a child's life, makes taking the photographs for the event an honor.  Not only did we take the photographs while the children actually received Communion, but we also were asked to photograph some family portraits.

IMG_2682 rt blog2IMG_2778 rt blog2

IMG_3290rt blog2IMG_3004rt blog2IMG_2498rt blog2

IMG_2827rt blog2IMG_3066rt blog2

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First Holy Communion Portrait

Every year you see photographs of little girls in white dresses and little boys in black or white suits.

The photographs are normally beautiful and the children are sometimes praying in the photograph and are always happy.

This year is no different.  First Communion is coming up in several weeks.  Here are some photographs from my first First Communion Portrait of the year.

IMG_9647 rt blog2


IMG_9674 rt blog2


IMG_9691 rt blog2

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An American Soldier

IMG_3824 rt blog2

I have a lot of respect for all men and women who have signed on for any branch of the military and the reserves.  It is always an honor to be able to photograph these men and women.  Photographing Jason was no different.  Jason is in the Army Reserves and has been for almost 8 years.

The photo shoot was so much fun.  Jason was very comfortable in front of the camera which made my job a piece of cake.  We were able to photograph him in some casual clothes as well as in his uniforms.

Thank you, Jason, for an amazing shoot.

Enjoy, everyone!

IMG_3883 rt blog2IMG_3757 rt blog2


IMG_3716 rt blog2IMG_8355 rt blog2


IMG_3658 rt blog2

Please remember, I am still an OpLove photographer.  If you know of anyone being deployed, or is deployed who would like to receive an album of images of his/her loved ones, please contact me or check out the OpLove website.  http://www.oplove.org/index2a.php

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Testing New Equipment

So every good photographer knows that it is essential to, when you buy new equipment, practice practice practice.  All equipment reacts differently to different stiuations.  Well, after I bought new studio lighting, I set it all up and had my sister sit in front of the lights.  In between the funny faces she was making, we got some great photographs and of course I had to share with you.

I can't wait for the next portrait session.

IMG_1966 rt blog2IMG_1957 rt blog2IMG_2047 rt blog2IMG_2062 rt blog2IMG_2069 rt blog2IMG_2049 rt blog2

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Guest — Patience Emily
Wow, these turned out really glamorous! I really like the last one..... amazing cropping & lighting!
Wednesday, 30 March 2011 16:54
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AmeriKick: Hammonton

"To build true CONFIDENCE,


one must have...


KNOWLEDGE in the mind


HONESTY in the heart and


STRENGTH in the body." ~AmeriKick brochure


IMG_3176 RT blog2

Martial Arts teaches more than just the skills of karate.  It teaches discipline, respect, focus, coordination, balance, and much, much more.  Learning this skill is beneficial to everyone, but starting children as young as 3 years old helps them develop important life skills, such as listening and learning.  Respect is built into the structure of teaching karate, helping to enforce and strengthen those skills.  Not to mention, the self-discipline, confidence, strength and flexibility, and concentration that accompanies this ancient art.

Martial Arts has always interested me.  So when the opportunity to photograph the students of AmeriKick: Hammonton, NJ presented itself, I was very pleased and excited.  I began by photographing Sensei Steve and Sensei Cody.

IMG_2560 rt2


IMG_2645 rt005 cody rt

Portrait day for the rest of the students followed shortly after and proved to be just as much fun.  We all had an awesome time and now you get to enjoy the results!

IMG_3229 rt blog2IMG_3082 rt blog2IMG_3080 rt blog2IMG_2572 rtIMG_2685 rt with spotlight copy

Thank you AmeriKick, located on Bellevue Avenue in Hammonton, NJ.

A little bit about AmeriKick...AmeriKick was established in 1967.  It has four elite Martial Arts Programs to choose from so you can pick the one best suited to your needs.  The Dream Team offers specialized training in weapons, gymnastics, competition, acrobatics, and extreme Martial Arts.  Leadership Team is an instructor recruitment and training program.  The Blackbelt Cub allows members to attend more classes, training and discounts.  And finally the Master Club, allowing members to attend the most classes, training discounts and access to world champion training.

For more information call AmeriKick: Hammonton, NJ 609-561-5997

Picture make-up day has been scheduled for Wednesday, April 13th and Monday, April 18th.

IMG_3182 rt blog2

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Choosing the right location and time of day for your family portraits

image012 blog2

The warm months are fast approaching and I'm sure everyone is making a huge sigh of relief.

There are many details to consider when hiring a photographer to take your family portraits.  These days there are two locations to choose from, studio and on-location.  Most of you are probably more familiar with beach portraits; they are a type of on-location portrait session.  These are becoming more and more popular.  While laying out on your favorite beach you may see groups of people all dressed in similar clothing following a photographer around.

When choosing a photographer you should be aware that some charge an additional fee for on-location/beach portraits, as well as an even higher fee for weekend shoots.  Since my business is predominately on-location shoots by appointment only there are no additional charges for beach or weekend sessions.  Also, I prefer having the session in a location that the family likes or is familiar with.  Therefore, if you prefer the park or woods to the beach, no problem!

Once you choose your location you need to think about the time of day.  If you choose a beach location (an open area with few trees and buildings) later in the day, approximately and hour and a half before sunset is ideal.  This will help eliminate harsh shadows while still giving enough light in facial features, as well as a beautiful range in colors in the sky.  Keep in mind on cloudy days this time should be moved to earlier in the day, by an hour or more.  Don't be afraid to keep your family portrait even if a storm is brewing.  These make for spectacular portraits.  But say you are more of a hiking family and like the woods better.  My suggestion would be a session scheduled around 3pm.  This allows for ample light to still be peaking through the trees but not so much so that it will be directly overhead.

Once you have chosen the location and your photographer, you need to think about clothing.  Although it is a popular trend, every member of the family does not need to wear the same thing.  Coordinating the colors, though, is essential.  Complimentary colors or various shades of the same color both are principals to keep in mind.  You want to steer away from bright, busy patterns (especially with more people in the photograph).  Most importantly, steer away from busy patterns for small children as this will take the focus off their precious faces.  Ladies, v-neck blouses or dresses are the most flattering in photographs.  Also, avoid short skirts, if possible.

To sum everything up, you just want all conditions and details to work together to give you the best portrait that will be treasured for years and can be passed on to children and grandchildren. Do not be afraid to ask your photographer questions, after all, we do this all the time and can help you choose the best details for you and your family.

image001 blog2


IMG_7764 rt blog2IMG_7719 rt blog2IMG_5939 rt blog2image009 blog2image007 blog2

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Amy, Tom, and Kailee

I was thrilled to learn that Amy and Tom wanted me to photograph their first child, Kailee. It is always an amazing feeling being able to follow a couple through the different stages of their life together.

Enjoy the photographs taken of Kailee, she is an absolutely adorable little girl.

IMG_5649 rtg bnw blog2IMG_9085 rt blog2IMG_5676 rt blog2IMG_5672 rt blog2IMG_9131 rt blog2IMG_9062 rt blog2

Thank you both for letting me be a part of your life.

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Guest — Patience Emily
OMG Kailee is just the cutest ever! You captured some absolutely adorable expressions!
Wednesday, 02 March 2011 05:01
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Dana and Tony

Congratulations to Dana and Tony! They got engaged in October of 2010.

We feel honored that they chose us to photograph their Engagement Session.  Unfortunately the leaves all fell at once so there was not enough left on the trees to photograph them at the family farm, but we chose an equally beautiful setting. Batsto.

It was still warm enough that no coats were needed, the trees still looked lovely with some leaves and the crispness was evident.

This couple was so much fun. They had me laughing the entire time. (Most of the time I am trying to get the couples to laugh.) I loved how they just wanted to have fun and laugh and they really let their personalities show through.

The last image was their idea! I love it when the couples get into the session this much.

IMG_6631rt blog2IMG_1780rt blog2

IMG_0038rt blog2IMG_6668rt blog2

IMG_6731 rt blog2

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Guest — Dana Santora
We absoluely loved the pictures and had a great time! Thanks so much for adding them to your blog!
Sunday, 06 February 2011 07:46
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OpLove Family

Wanting to do something special for the wonderful soldier in their lives, this family contacted me, through OpLove.  OpLove is a charity organization comprised of photographers who help deploying military families capture images to remember their time together before or during, and at the return of a soldier.  The session and a small album are covered by the photographer.

I had so much fun photographing these four wonderful people.  Unfortunately, we had to switch from an outdoor shoot to indoors because the weather was not agreeable.  I think the photographs turned out just beautiful regardless of weather challenges.

IMG_9254 rt blog2

IMG_9246 rt blog2IMG_9231 rt blog2IMG_9144 rt blog2IMG_9201 rt blog2IMG_9210 rt blog2

Thank you to all the soldiers and families of America.

Please pass along the link to the charity if you know anyone who could benefit from this foundation. http://www.oplove.org/

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Guest — brant
Hey Dawn
Thursday, 20 January 2011 06:41
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Back to School

We all wish summer would last forever.  I for one, love the warm weather, feeling the sand between my toes, and not haveing to lug winter coats and scarves around.  Unfortuantely, summer is winding down and kids are getting ready for another year of school.  Which means another school picture.  Does your child not sit still or look uncomfortable in the photographs taken in the short 5 minute slot given to each child during "Picture Day?"  We like to spend the time to get the best possible portrait of your child and have your child's personality really show through in the portrait so that you can love and cherish those photographs of your children.  We are offering two specials for back to school.  A basic portrait session lasting approximately 30 minutes is $50.  You will then have the option to choose one of the following packages for an additional $60.

  • 1 framed 8x10

  • 1 8x10 and 2 5x7

  • 1 8x10, 1 5x7, and 8 wallets

The other special that I mentioned we would be offering is unique in nature.  It is for parents with children who are starting school for the first or second year.  For one hour (some extra time can be added if needed) we will come and photograph the "everyday" routine as your child gets ready for school.  Things like brushing teeth, getting dressed, eating breakfast, waiting for the bus, and getting on the bus.  A beautiful hard cover book will be designed from the photographs taken.  This special (the session and the book) is $160 including tax.  The option to purchase a high resolution CD will also be available.  This is a wonderful way to remember these times.  If you do not get to schedule the session on the very first day of school, that is ok.  We would be happy to come the next day or the day after that.  We want you to have the beautiful heirloom of your child to treasure forever.

Both specials will run from September 6th through October 26th.
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Hammonton Swim Team

I have been very, very bad and procrastinated even more then I expected. I am sorry that I have let all of you hanging for so long.  But on the up-side, I have a  wealth of new photographs to share.

The first is a group of photographs of the Hammonton Stingrays.  We enjoyed photographing this team.  It was a hot summer day, and I mean hot.  I kind of wish I had gone swimming with the team after the photographs.  We did individual portraits followed by the large group portrait.  Just look at them! They are the bright, young faces of champions!!

swim team IMG_7622 rt blog2swim team IMG_7777 rt blog2swim team IMG_7627 rt blog2

swim team IMG_7718 rt blog2

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Congratulations to St. Joseph Parish Confirmande

I just wanted to congratulate all the individuals who received Confirmation on June 5th at St. Joseph Parish in Hammonton, NJ.  It was a beautiful, sunny day.  The Bishop was there and confirmed them all.  It was a wonderful ceremony.  Here are a few photographs from the day.

We were very happy to be able to take some family photographs after the Masses and to be a part of this special day.

IMG_1821 rt blog2IMG_4261 rt blog2IMG_5036 rt blog2IMG_4353 rt blog2IMG_4831 rt blog2IMG_5121 rt blog2

IMG_5137 rt crop blog2IMG_4796 rt blog2

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Enchanted Engagement

I am so bad at keeping up with blog2ging.  I appologize to all of my fans and blog2 followers.  I had shot this engagement session back in the fall and loved the images.  Unfortunately this was back before the new website went live, so it sort of slipped through the cracks, until now!  It has been found and is begging to be shared.  Here goes...

Sarah and Rich were not your typical engaged couple. They loved the outdoors and wanted that to show in their photography.  The two chose a beautiful hiking area that reminded me of the enchanted forest.  The images we got were absolutely magnificent.  It was a crisp day, but sunny and not too cold.  We did not have to worry about weather at all during this shoot, making my job a whole lot easier.

IMG_2872 rtIMG_2888 rtIMG_2928 rtIMG_2935 rtIMG_2941 rtIMG_2959 rtIMG_2980 rtIMG_8402 rtIMG_3007 rt
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Congratulations to Assumption Church First Communicants

First Communion, being such a memorable time in a child's life, makes taking the photographs for the event an honor, much like the weddings I shoot.  Not only did we take the photographs while the children actually received Communion but we also were asked to photograph some family portraits.  The day turned out to be beautiful, great weather and perfect lighting.  Everything went off without a hitch.  Here are some of the photographs we took.

IMG_1595 rt blog2IMG_3830 rt blog2

IMG_3921 rt blog2IMG_3906 rt blog2

IMG_3887 rt blog2IMG_3863 rt dif blog2

IMG_3739 rt blog2IMG_3709 rt blog2

IMG_3655 rt blog2IMG_3619 rt blog2

IMG_3602 rt blog2IMG_3451 rt blog2

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Getting to know you session...

Tom and Jenn, are a wonderful couple who are getting married the end of June.  We previously photographed Tom's family in Philadelphia.  They are all so pleasant and genuinely nice that we are so excited to be a part of Tom and Jenn's special day.  It was a pleasure getting to know Jenn.  Both, Tom and Jenn, photograph so well.  It is evident in their photographs how much they mean to one another.

We are looking forward to the wedding.  Stay tuned for those photographs!

IMG_3717 rt blog2

IMG_4125 rt blog2IMG_4067 rt blog2IMG_4037 rt blog2IMG_3964 rt blog2

IMG_3743 rt blog2

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My assistant and I had the privilege of photographing the beautiful Stela.  Although she indicated that she has never modeled before, she is very talented and natural in front of the camera.

Stela 44

We had so much fun around Atlantic City, spending most of our time in Caesar's and Bally's.

Stela 14

Stela 10Stela 32

Stela 102

Stela 77Stela 79
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Happy Birthday, Sofia! Ok, it may be a little bit early (her birthday isn't until May), but I'm just so excited to have had the honor of taking her very first portraits.  She is 11months old and did not give us any trouble at all. A little one who loves getting her picture taken!

Sofia 2Sofia 28

Sofia 8Sofia 9

We spent and hour and a half moving her around into this pose and that pose.  Her Mom brought two adorable little dresses that I made sure to get fantastic pictures of as well as several shots in her "birthday" suit!

Sofia 25

We hope her Mom loves these portraits as much as we do and as much as we loved taking them. Thank you Luisa for sharing these moments with us.
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In efforts to make good use of the beautiful weather, we traveled to Philadelphia today and photographed, Dustin.  We walked all over the city showing Dustin, a Wisconsin native, the sites while photographing him in several locations.  My favorite area was at City Hall.  The lighting was beautiful and cast a hint of a shadow that really brought out the skin tones.  Also, the architecture was a nice contrast to the black suit he wore.

Dustin 26Dustin 20

Dustin 31Dustin 36

Dustin 49Dustin 69Dustin 91

Dustin 76Dustin 63Dustin 104

Dustin 53

And, of course, what is a great photo shoot in Philadelphia without great food?  Incomplete I tell you.  We stopped off at Good Dog to end the perfect session.

Thanks Dustin, we both had a great time photographing you.
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My associate, Dennis, and I got to photograph a first time model this past Wednesday in Atlantic City, NJ.  Stela brought several changes of clothing so we had plenty to work with in the different settings we chose.  The focus of our shoot was in the casinos, mainly Bally's, Wild Wild West, and Caesar's.  We all had a blast and encountered curious passer-bys watching what we were up to.  Stela felt like a celebrity with two cameras photographing her while she posed.  The three of us plan to do more shoots in the future.

IMG_1585 webIMG_0069 webIMG_0075 webIMG_1713 webIMG_0130 webIMG_0120 web

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First Communion Portraits

That special day in your child's life is coming up soon.  We have been doing the First Communion photographs at St. Anthony's Church in Hammonton, NJ for 4 years now.  This year we are extending a special package for the families of any parish.  The session, which includes taking the photographs in any on-location site (up to 45 miles away from our studio) and one framed 8x10 for a low price of $150, also including tax.  In addition, I now offer online viewing for your convenience.  This allows aunts, uncles, or grandparents to log on and purchase a photograph of your child's First Communion portrait.   These portraits can be done in your home, your backyard, at the park, or perhaps outside your church.  This special will be running from March 15th thru May 30th.  Call and book your session as times will fill up quickly.  609-561-5322

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Easter portraits of your little ones...

It is the season for the fluffy bunnies and baskets filled with eggs and chocolates. The chocolates are my favorite.  In celebrating the season and the fast approaching warm weather, update those portraits of your little ones.  They grow up so fast that it is important to keep re-taking photographs of them.  I have the perfect special going on for Easter to help you out with that.  You can do a formal type photograph of your child wearing their Sunday Best or because with spring comes lots of rain, you could do raincoats, goulashes, and umbrellas.  All sessions are on location, that means that I will come to you (45 mile radius from the studio free of charge).  So if you want the portraits in your backyard, the park, the beach, or even in your living room we can do that! From March 1st through April 4th, we are offering the session and one framed 5x7 for only $130, this price also includes tax.  Appointment times will fill up fast so do call for your appointment today! 609-561-5322

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More Model Photographs

I have some more photographs to share from the session of the girl in the great coat. She really was great to work with. Every photographer hopes to find fun models!

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An Indoor Model Shoot...

So when it's too cold outside to do model shoots.....we take the model inside. I must say this coat was a nice addition to the wardrobe.  We all had such a great time and got a lot of great shots, too!

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Guys....this one is especially for you....

Guys, I have a great idea especially for you. You have that perfect situation planned when you want to ask her to marry you. You know what she would really love? Yes, you are right. Document that romantic time. Have a Surprise Proposal Shoot done. We want to help make that memory last a lifetime. We would love to come and photograph (from a distance. After all, we don't want her to suspect anything.) you asking your special someone to marry you. Then after she says yes we can take some portraits of the two of you. There are many options. Such as the session and a DVD slide show, the session and some prints that you can choose together, or my favorite, the session and a soft cover coffee table book. For Valentine's Day, I am running a special for the session and a soft cover coffee table book, perfect for this very situation! Call now with questions or to book the session!  609-561-5322
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Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks!
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No, I do not have a copy writer. I do all the writing myself. Thank you so much for the lovely compliment.
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Mommy and Me

You are waiting....expecting...

You want to remember your pregnancy and what you look like. A portrait session of this time will not only provide your child with a tangible way to see the days before they were born, but will also allow them to better understand some of the emotions and feelings you are experiencing.

Knowing how special this time is, we offer a special program to encompass your pregnancy and the first year of your child's life.  For $475, we will photograph a pregnancy session, as well as four sessions throughout the first year of your baby's growth. At the end, you will receive an album with six 8x10 photographs.  The album will also provide room for you to add more photographs or other important memories. We offer on-location portraits and travel up to 45 miles free of charge to make it easier for you. Though, if you prefer an in-studio session, that is also available.

Children grow so fast, especially in the first year. Have us create timeless images of the first year of your baby's growth.

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Sisters are amazing.  I have an older sister and had so much fun growing up having someone to play with and tell all my secrets.  Having one sister is great. Imagine having five!

Well, I just photographed a family of six girls.  I can't imagine having that many more sisters to share your secrets with and play games with and fight over who's still in the bathroom when you have to get ready too.

These girls seemed to have fun getting their portraits taken.  We did group shots and individuals of all of them.  They turned out great. Thank you girls, you made my Sunday afternoon a fun one.

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Guest — Patience
These pics are so cute! One is just better than the other! It WAS fun growing up with a sister to torture (I mean share with!). It... Read More
Friday, 15 January 2010 18:41
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Four Generations

One of the most rewarding sessions is when a family of multiple generations requests a portrait.

I recently did a one of these that included four generations of ladies, the great grandmother to the great grand-daughter. The four of them were a beautiful, happy group.  I'm so glad I got the chance to immortalize the image and create priceless heirlooms that will be treasured forever.

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