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Veronica and Nick

Being from New Jersey, Veronica and Nick wanted the beauty of the shore but not the beach.  We chose an off beat location that had the feel of the ocean and beach complete with a pier.

Now I get to celebrate their wedding with them tomorrow!

Nick and Veronica 2

Nick and Veronica 1

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Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!!!

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Since we had a particularly chilly and snowy winter, I thought it to be appropriate to say goodbye to winter in style. This is the first year in my almost 10 years of photography that I had the pleasure of photographing a few weddings and a few engagement sessions in the snow! The only other time I have photographed portraits in the snow was a family photograph of my own family years ago. I had so much fun and the couples were amazing and so willing to walk and even play in the snow for the sake of some epic photographs!  And the first photograph is one I took at Longwood Gardens prior to one of the snowy engagement sessions.

IMG_2885 fb IMG_2914 fb IMG_2925 fb IMG_2971 fb IMG_3040 fb IMG_3110 rt fb

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I am looking forward to a fantastic 2014 wedding season South Jersey and Philadelphia!
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Engagement Portrait in Old City

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Shot for George Street.

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Janice and Matt EP

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Shot for George Street.
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Valley Forge National Park, Take One and Two!

I had two Engagement Portraits in one day at the Valley Forge National Park. It was the first time I had ever been there. It is absolutely gorgeous!  I couldn't have asked for a nicer day, better couples, or more amazing scenery!

Take One: Jenny and Mike

b IMG_6190 rt b IMG_6123 rt b IMG_6119 rt b IMG_6089 rt b IMG_6211 rt


Take Two: Meghan and Brad

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b IMG_5965 rtb IMG_5938 rt b IMG_5907 rt b IMG_5885 rt b IMG_5872 b IMG_5858 b IMG_5833 b IMG_5773b IMG_5991 rt

Shot for George Street.
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Jess and George

The Engagement Session was shot at Longwood Gardens. It was so beautiful! I love that place.

blog2 IMG_9709 rt blog2 IMG_4350 rt

blog2 IMG_9870 rt

And it's always great when the couple is up for anything, even getting a little wet!!!

blog2 IMG_9996 rt


Married in a quiet town at an old inn with a beautiful garden in the backyard. This couple went for elegance after having a blast at Longwood Gardens for their engagement shoot.



IMG_6329 rt blog2IMG_6260 rt blog2IMG_6265 rtIMG_6743 rt blog2

IMG_6776 rt blog2 IMG_6721 rt blog2IMG_7018 rt blog2

Shot for George Street.


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Christine and Kevin: Getting to Know You

What a great family.  We were privelidged enough to photograph their daughter and dog as well.

Their Engagement Session was so much fun.  I love it when couples pick unique different locations.  Christine and Kevin picked Gardner's Basin in Atlantic City.  Such a beautiful and varied location, we had boats, water, rocks, grass, and trees.

Stay tuned for their wedding images!!
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Engagement Party in Somers Point NJ

This Engagement Party was at the Philip Chin restaurant which opened this past summer in Somers Point, NJ.  French/Asian cuisine and a great view!

The happy couple!!

The awesome cakes!!! How cool are these fishies?

As well as great decor and food. Sorry, in my book desert gets shown first. ;)


All the family and friends that came out to celebrate the engagement of these wonderful two people had an absolute fabulous time.

 And check out the location...a beautiful front porch, it must be good ;)  .
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