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Waterfall Catering and Special Events

I am so excited to be announcing a new partnership.  I am pairing up with the Waterfall Catering and Special Events in Claymont, DE. I will be one of the featured photographers in their venue brochure coming out the January of 2015!

IMG_9233IMG_3381 rt

So to prepare, I called back two of my couples to put on their wedding attire one more time.  Of course the ladies jumped at the chance, the gentlemen might not have been quite as enthusiastic but humored us ladies for the day.

Chrissy from Charming Blossoms in Hammonton, NJ created such beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres.  I couldn't get over how lovely the bouquets were or how perfectly they matched each girls' gown.


Karen Zeigenfuss did the hair and makeup not only for Allecia but also for herself!


The couples, Allecia and Jason, and Karen and Dave, put up with some intense humidity and long hours of getting the absolute perfect shots--which we did of course.  Thank you all!  And thank you to Chrissy for the amazing arrangements and the Waterfall Staff for all of your help.


c--3656 br calibration 20x24


The following images were taken at the second shoot so that we could capture the real essence of each ballroom! Talk about fairytale ladies!

IMG_9138 IMG_9202 IMG_9267 IMG_9270IMG_9109IMG_9155

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Queen of Hearts Board Members

IMG_9173 rt2

When Marjorie from Queen of Hearts Foundation of New Jersey asked me if I could take head shots of their board members for their website, I immediately agreed.


IMG_9152 rt IMG_9146 rtIMG_9135 rtIMG_9126 rtIMG_9121 rtIMG_9116 rtIMG_9108 rtIMG_9100 rtIMG_9096 rtIMG_9087 rtIMG_9084 rt

Queen of Hearts fundraises to help those suffering from cancer or awaiting or recovering from transplants.   Visit their website! www.njqueenofhearts.org  Their next fundraising event is March 15th, their annual Dinner/Dance held at Lucien's Manor in Berlin, NJ.
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Pink Dahlia Vintage and dawn elizabeth photography Stylized Shoot

I'm sure you all saw the sneak peak image from my stylized shoot with Pink Dahlia Vintage, a local florist.

IMG_9265 rt

Sally, owner of Pink Dahlia Vintage, is so very talented.  She is the florist for my wedding coming up in November. So when she asked me to photograph some bouquets and centerpieces for her, I immediately agreed.

IMG_2736 rt

IMG_2731 rtIMG_2648 rtIMG_2609 rtIMG_2724 rtIMG_2683 rtIMG_2651 rt

Jessica Kennedy agreed to model for us that day.  Well, it was January and we had no idea what the weather was going to bring. However, we got no snow, a cold but sunny day.  Everyone tolerated the cold and we were able to get some stunning images of Sally's amazing talent.  Her arrangements and bouquets were rustic and vintage (hence the business name) and absolutely wonderful.

IMG_9269 rtIMG_2743 rtIMG_2752 rtIMG_2797 rtIMG_2765 rt

All arrangements created by Pink Dahlia Vintage

Model: Jessica Kennedy

Photography: yours truly, dawn elizabeth photography
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Ok, who doesn't like food??  I for one, love food!

I jumped at the chance to photograph food for One Atlantic in Atlantic City.  The food looked beautiful and smelled great! Sadly I was too busy getting that perfect shot to sample the culinary delights.

But I must say, One Atlantic at the Pier Shops in Atlantic City hits it out of the park each and every time.  They have the staff to make it a friendly and professional atmosphere, the expertise to make delicious dishes, the ambiance to aid in the creations of one-of-a-kind portraits, and the location to entice and create the most fun and wonderful memories.

IMG_8232 rt bIMG_8092 rt blog2IMG_8011 rt bIMG_8213 rt blog2

One thing that I found very unique was the wedding cake they had me photograph.  It was fake! Made of styrofoam.  I was told that it is a wise budgetary choice for couples who opt to have other deserts but still want to have the cake cutting ceremony, as one section of the cake is real cake slid into the styrofoam fake cake.  As you can see below.  What an interesting idea!

IMG_6781 rtIMG_6828 rt crop
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Smile Creations Crafts ...Alia

The second model for the Smile Creations Crafts shoot was Alia.  She also modeled beautifully hand knit items.  Smile Creations Crafts offers a wide range of hand knit items. You saw some in a previous blog2 I posted.  You can view Smile Creations Crafts' blog2 and follow the business on Facebook. http://smilecreationscrafts.blog2spot.com/ or on Facebook...@SmileCreationsCrafts.

IMG_8776 rt blog2IMG_9320 rt blog2IMG_9348 rt blog2

IMG_9353 rt blog2

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Smile Creations Crafts

Just look at these knitted items. They are finely handcrafted by my sister for her business, Smile Creations Crafts.  And who better to model them, than the absolutely adorable, Sofia.

IMG_8471 2rt blog2


IMG_8624rt blog2


IMG_8564 2rt blog2


Smile Creations Crafts is a business that sells knit items.  It was established in 2007 by Patience, my sister, who started out knitting as a hobby while working in Philadelphia.  Now, it is knit one, pearl two, don't drop a stitch, frogging, yummy yarns, fabulous colors, and complicated (by my standards) patterns.

The business started out as finely handcrafted items which included a myriad of different. Some of these items included, jewelry, macramé, needlepoint, and of course knit.  Patience has made a big jump and decided that her real love in this venture is yarn.  She both knits and crochets.  She offers ready made items, custom made items, and items for consignment.

When Patience asked me to create a slideshow so that she can better streamline her presentations for homeshows, I was trilled to help.  Wanting a professional in depth product she asked me to first photograph a sampling of the items she makes.

Several unique items did not require a model.  Some being the "Love Mites," the pumpkins, Market Bags*, and washcloths*, as well as some accessories*. (*= pictured below)

IMG_8868rt blog2IMG_8829rt blog2IMG_8852rt blog2

Then of course the clothing items require models.  For the first session, we had Sofia and Luisa.  A beautiful mother and daughter.

Sofia was a great joy to photograph.  She hasn't even turned two yet and sat in front of the camera for two hours!

IMG_8713rt blog2

We had a few hat and scarf sets for Luisa to model.

IMG_8770 rt blog2

And finally we had to get at least 1 with both!

IMG_8739 rt blog2

There is one more session on the way with more knitted items from Smile Creations Crafts.  Be on the lookout for Alia.

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Brand Jewelers: Hammonton, NJ

Untitled_HDR2 rt blog2

Brand Jewelers a family owned jewelry store has been around for 40 years, since 1972!  Though not in its original location, the staff is still as friendly and the jewelry still glitters and shines.  Brand Jewelers is located on the White Horse Pike in Hammonton, NJ.  Their second location is at the Deptford Mall in Deptford, NJ.

After the photoshoot I spoke with the owner, Anthony, and he was telling me that most of their business comes from the custom work their clients want them to do.  Wedding bands can be made and ready in one week, he said.  They also offer Art Carved rings for High School Seniors.

All jewelry photographed was precious metals set in 18K white gold.  Two interesting facts about white gold: it is made from 75% gold and 25% other metals that are white in color, and to get the nice shiny appearance, all white gold is Rodium dipped.  Rodium is the most expensive metal per gram that is available. And yes, more expensive than Platinum.

IMG_8275rt2 blog2IMG_8285rt2 blog2

He offers specialized jewelry, such as ballet slipper pendants. And beautiful watches.

IMG_3571rt blog2

This ring is all Diamonds! Frosting for your finger! (Taken from How to Loose a Guy in Ten Days)

IMG_3590rt blog2

This ring is Natural Sapphire and Diamonds.

IMG_8308rt2 blog2

This gorgeous necklace is London Blue Topaz.

IMG_3626rt2 blog2

The last piece of jewelry photographed was a Pink Sapphire.

Anthony also has an assortment of jewelry boxes available to choose from.

IMG_3551rt blog2IMG_3549rt blog2

IMG_3547rt blog2


So visit your nearest Brand Jewelers and see what they have to offer you!  Or give them a call:609-561-6222 (Hammonton location) or 856-848-3511 (Deptford Mall location).


IMG_3630rt blog2

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Aztec Salon Welcomes Their Newest Stylist

Aztec Hair Salon welcomes a new stylist.  Angie Rodio is there two days a week and very excited to be getting to know the Aztec family and building her clientele.

IMG_0067 rt blog2

Angie is the former owner of Shear Styles Salon.  She brings a lot to the Aztec family having been a Master Stylist for the past 16 years.  She specializes in color, foil highlighting, styling, and up-dos.

Ed, the owner of Aztec, asked me to shoot her headshot for the newspaper and I had to share with all of you this bit of information and news about my favorite salon!

Below, Angie is pictured with Ed Bailey, owner of Aztec Salon and Master Stylist and Colorist.

IMG_0103 rt crop blog2

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The Philadelphia Flower Show

The 2011 Philadelphia Flower Show theme was Springtime in Paris.  My second photographer and I checked it out this year for the first time.

IMG_3270 rt blog2IMG_8066rt blog2

The Flower Show was sponsored by PNC and has been for the past 20 years.  This cake was especially designed for PNC Bank by Buddy Valstro, from TLC's Cake Boss, for their 20 year anniversary of sponsering the Flower Show.

IMG_3460 rt blog2

The Flower Show started in 1829, the year that the poinsettia was unveiled to the American public.  Ever wonder where the money from ticket sales goes?  It is partially used to sponser programs such as the City Harvest program, providing organic produce grown locally to those in need, and the Plant One Million (a campaign to plant trees over the states of PA, NJ, and DE).  Those are just two of the programs according to Drew Becher, President of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

IMG_3495 rt blog2

The central structure as you walked into the Flower Show was a large, lit, replica of the Eiffel Tower.  Some interesting facts about this replica: it had 1,000 lights and was 75 feet wide and 37 feet tall.  Set beyond the Eiffel Tower was the Carousel Stage.  The different carousel animals, designed by Valley Forge Flowers, which were flower-stuffed, were laid out along the path leading up to the carousel.

IMG_3366 rt blog2IMG_3491rt blog2

One display was more spectacular than the next.  It was a visual feast.  One of my favorite was "Romantic Paris" a fantasy wedding at Notre Dame Cathedral complete with gargoyle shaped shrubs.  Too bad they couldn't have a complete wedding here. It was amazing.

IMG_3342 rt blog2IMG_8100rt blog2IMG_3343rt blog2

The Men's Garden Club had a sweet little display of a Parisian Cafe.

IMG_8131rt blog2




There were prize winning cactus...


IMG_8157rt blog2IMG_8156rt blog2


And beautiful flowers...


IMG_3359 rt blog2


And displays that were beautiful beyond words...and cute, like you wouldn't believe.


IMG_3306 rt blog2IMG_8081rt blog2IMG_8085rt blog2IMG_8174rt blog2

One could spend hours talking of the spectacular displays.  I will let the photographs do the talking, but I do highly recommend taking a day and checking out next year's Flower Show!

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Before Christmas, my sister, Patience, of Smile Creations Crafts, and I held a Homeshow at her house.  It was a huge success. What is a Homeshow? Have you ever heard of an Avon, Tupperware, or Jewelry party?  Well, ours was the same idea. There was food, raffles, lots to look at, conversation, and fun!

Here are two samples of door prizes that everyone got. A Free Facebook Profile Picture!

doris facebook imagejoslyn facebook image

This is something we would both like to continue doing for our businesses.  There are host incentives and always fun prizes.

Look us both up on Facebook and follow our businesses!

@Smile Creations Crafts

@dawn elizabeth photography
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The Inn at Montchanin Village

I am thrilled to have been given the oppotunity to photograph the Inn at Montchanin Village in Montchanin, Delaware.  We concentrated our efforts in the Spa.  It is a clean, homey, wonderfully relaxing atmosphere.

web Montchanin 25

web Montchanin 31web Montchanin 8

web Montchanin 63web Montchanin 1

I had one female model who was lucky enough to get a small sampling of a facial and then hot stone massage.  I was jealous. :) The second model was the masseuse for these services.  I must say both ladies were so patient and easy to work with.

web Montchanin 43web Montchanin 34

After photographing the Spa, the chef prepared some of his signature dishes for me to photograph.  By the way they looked and smelled, the food is as amazing as the ambiance and atmosphere of the Inn itself.

web Montchanin 55web Montchanin 24web Montchanin 12web Montchanin 21web Montchanin 65web Montchanin 69web Montchanin 74
Recent Comments
Guest — Whitney
Great Pics Dawn!! I had a blast being your model!whit
Wednesday, 23 June 2010 03:42
Guest — admin
Thank you. I'm so glad you had fun. I really liked how everything turned out.
Tuesday, 29 June 2010 06:01
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The Baby has Arrived!

Remember the alpacas I wrote about?  You got it! The baby alpaca was born on May 14, 2010 to the herd at Moore's Misty Pine Alpacas. A full month late.  I cannot imagine being pregnant for a full extra month.  But the baby was born with little difficulty.  Kelli and her family are now the proud owners of Don Vito, the first male alpaca in their herd.  Mommy and baby have bonded appropriately and are both healthy and doing well.

IMG_3902 rt blog2IMG_4381 rt blog2IMG_4376 rt blog2

IMG_4398 rt blog2IMG_3909 rt blog2

IMG_4447 rt blog2IMG_4441 rt blog2

There are two more alpacas expecting little ones any moment.  Hopefully we will get the privilege of photographing those babies when they are born as well.

Recent Comments
Guest — Kelli
Love it....Didn't realize it was on your blog also! Thanks
Saturday, 12 June 2010 17:22
Guest — admin
I'm glad you like it. I thought it was only fitting to announce the baby's arrival.
Sunday, 13 June 2010 17:30
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Alpacas? Moore's Misty Pine Alpacas

When I heard of this business, I asked myself, "What exactly is an alpaca?"

web alpacas 6

Well, alpacas are very similar to llamas, only smaller.  Originating from the Andes Mountains in South America; bred for their fleece.  To this day they are still bred for their fleece.  It is extremely soft, warm, and get this...hypoallergenic.  They are sheared in April or May. There are two "cuts" of fleece that come from the alpaca.  The blanket (which can be worth a lot of money and entered into shows along with the animal to win ribbons) and the seconds (fleece from the legs which is best for felting).

Kelli and Mike Moore own Moore's Misty Pine Alpacas.  I asked Kelli what made her want alpacas.  Well, the family went on a trip to Hershey, PA where they met Paco and Taco.  The owners of the hotel they stayed at happened to have two alpacas, Paco and Taco.  These two little guys were the inspiration for the family to invest their time and money into the docile, cuddly creatures.  At first it began as just a venture to have some additional pets. They already had a dog and a cat! However, the more research Kelli did the more valuable she found alpacas to be.  So it became a little business for the family.  They raise all female alpacas so far and have started to breed them.  Additionally, Kelli felts the seconds and makes washcloths around these fabulous little organic soaps and she said she has made a purse through felting as well!  She let me try the French Milled Lavander soap.  It is wonderful.  The combination of the soft washcloth with the organic soap is so luxurious.  She also offers African Shea Butter lotion.

web alpacas 23web alpacas 20web alpacas 19

web alpacas 1web alpacas 5

In getting into the shows and more of the business end of alpaca fleece, Kelli is avidly trying to find a fiber artist to purchase the "blanket fleece."  She said these can sell for top dollar, but for now she is mainly interested in getting Moore's Misty Pine Alpacas name into the market.

web alpacas 2web alpacas 27web alpacas 14

web  alpacas 43web alpacas 32

Feel free to contact Kelli and Mike if you want more information about their business or their lovable alpacas. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Moore family and their alpacas will be welcoming their second baby alpaca into the world in April.  The first was born in September.  We have been invited to come back and photograph the newborn. Stay tuned for photographs of the baby!

web alpacas 51

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Tuesday, 27 April 2010 21:15
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Saturday, 01 May 2010 22:24
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Operation Homefront

There are many soldiers that fight for our country and they need our help, love, and support.

web Operation Homefront 23

I like to do what I can to support them, which is why as a photographer, I joined OpLove.  OpLove is a charity that provides families of soldiers with a photo session of the soldier's departing, the family while the soldier is away, or the homecoming of the soldier.

Taking this into consideration, when I was contacted by Tracy, a representative of Operation Homefront, asking if I would donate my time and photograph an event, I couldn't refuse.  Operation Homefront provides financial assistance as well as assistance in more everyday practical needs (like moving, auto repairs, food assistance, home and appliance repair, and more) to the soldiers and their families.

For this event, Operation Homefront paired up with KIDS and donated nurseries to soldiers who recently had a baby or who were expecting a newborn.

web Operation Homefront 39web Operation Homefront 18

In the short time I was there, 75 nurseries were donated to very grateful families.  Everyone's heart was touched.

web Operation Homefront 11

web Operation Homefront 14web Operation Homefront 22web Operation Homefront 3web Operation Homefront 48web Operation Homefront 44

If you would like to donate to Operation Homefront, visit their website at http://www.operationhomefront.net/default.aspx.
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Food is something everyone loves. Having the opportunity to photograph food is such a delight.  Brides choose great venues with fantastic chefs who make not only the taste buds go wild but my artistic eye as well.  The food is beautiful and quite enticing.  I have followed my passion for photographing food and do some commercial work for restaurants and catering companies on the side.  It is always an added bonus when I can taste the food.  I hope these photographs make you as hungry as they have made me--at least I know I have done my job in that case.

IMG_9231 rtIMG_9228 rtIMG_9226 rtIMG_2207 rtimage438 rtIMG_9226 rtimage124 rt34 525 rt
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